Is it okay to love someone knowing you can't be with them?你明知道无法和他/她在一起,却还是去爱他/她,这样好吗?   获得4.5k好评的答案@Gene Spafford Of course you can love someone without spending the future with them…and you don't need permission to do so!你当然可以去爱一个无法共度未来的人······而且你做这件事并不需要得到他人首肯。 However, a key thing is to avoid wistfully wishing that you could be with that person if that is not to be. Accept what fate has given you, and maybe seek out others to love, too. Love is a renewable resource.但是,关键是你要避免极度期盼,不要期待假如换种情况,你就可以和那个人在一起。接受你的命运吧,也许你可以找到其他人来爱。爱是可再生资源。   获得6好评的答案@Elsa Schraeder Sure, it is ok to love someone knowing that you will never be with them. However, be careful that this love doesn't morph into an emotional block which prevents you from finding and loving someone who you can be with.当然可以,你可以去爱一个明知道永远不会在一起的人。但是,你要注意,不要让这份爱成为你的感情障碍,阻止你寻找并爱上一个可以与你在一起的人。   获得54好评的答案@Anshi Akanksha Yes!可以! Loving someone who cannot love you the same way in return is not a weakness. It’s one of the most courageous things you’ll ever do.爱上一个不能像你爱他一样爱你的人,所得到的并不是软弱,这是你所做过的最勇敢的事之一。 If the one you love doesn't love you back the same way, it is like you are putting your armour at their feet and saying "I will not fight you in this. I have loved you and that means that I have already won."你爱的人不像你爱他一样来回应你,这就像是你把自己的盔甲放在他们的脚边,然后说“我不会用这个来伤害你。我爱你,而这意味着我已经赢了。”   获得60好评的答案@Joy Samudrala Yes it's completely okay to love someone knowing that they won't be with you in future!!!是的,当然可以去爱一个明知道不会和你共度未来的人!!! HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS!!!不要有所期待!!! This is the root cause which can hurt you pretty bad. The more you expect, the more you remain attached to the person and this will make things hard and worse for you. Love her but don't expect her to love you back, this will leave nothing but disappointment and make it worse.这是会伤你很深的最主要原因。你期望得越多,你就越会去与她保持联系,而对你来说这会让事情变得更糟、更艰难。爱她,但不要期待她也会爱你,否则只会徒增失望,让事情更糟。 So don't expect anything from her and just do things, because you just wanna love her and want her to be happy.所以不要期待从她那里得到什么,你只要做你应做的,因为你只是想要爱着她、想要她快乐。 Small piece of advice.给个小建议。 If you think it's not possible to forget about her because she's the one you love and you just can't really get over me it's all in your head. Time is being wasted. She's standing like a door between you and the women who's right for you. Get over and things shall happen.如果你觉得没法忘了她,因为你爱她,过不了她这道坎······相信我,这都只是你脑中的想法。时光在流逝,她就像是一扇门,站在你和你的真命天女之间,跨过去,一切都会好起来。 You deserve someone better.你值得更好的人。