Fishes are amongst the most beautiful creations of nature and are most probably counted as one of the many species that are found freely in every environment. But apart from being beautiful, fishes tend to be quite dangerous too, let's not forget the gigantic and dangerous structure of shark. We all are fans of knowing about unusual things, knowing about the secrets of nature and everything that has the air of mystery about it attracts our attention in no time. Today we have brought to you the top 10 list of the deadliest fishes found on our earth, read on and enjoy. 鱼类是自然界中最美丽的造物之一,最可能被认为是在任何环境中都能自由发现的众多物种之一。但是,除了美丽之外,鱼类往往也很危险,我们不要忘记鲨鱼庞大而危险的结构。我们都是了解不寻常事物的爱好者,了解大自然的秘密,任何有神秘气息的事物都能很快吸引我们的注意力。今天,我们给大家带来了十大最致命的鱼类,请阅读和欣赏。

10. Electric Eel


Most Dangerous Fish   You must have heard about them in your science class when in school and many of you had been wondering about their existence. Well, here you go they actually exist and not only exist but, true to their name, they exhibit powerful electric shock; nature has gifted the respective creature with the ability for its survival. As per the resources, the electric eel produces up to 600 volts of electric current, which is enough to kill a man or any other living being. 你一定听说过他们在你的科学课上学的时候,很多人都对他们的存在感到疑惑。好了,在这里,它们实际上存在,不仅存在,而且,它们的名字,它们表现出强大的触电;大自然赋予了生物以生存的能力。就资源而言,电鳗能产生高达600伏特的电流,足以杀死一个人或任何其他生物。

9. Tiger Fish


Most Dangerous Fish   Apparent from its name, Tiger Fish is one of the most dangerous predator fishes with razor sharp teeth and ability of a true fighter and hunter. The fish is commonly found in the Congo River and Lake Tanganiyaka, situated in Africa; the tiger fish attacks in packs and feasts on large animals. Two of the most widely known tiger fishes are the goliath tiger fish and the tiger fish both of which are the largest among their specie. 从它的名字看,虎鱼是最危险的食肉鱼类之一,拥有锋利的牙齿和真正的战士和猎人的能力。这种鱼通常在刚果河和位于非洲的Tanganiyaka湖发现;虎鱼成群结队地攻击大型动物。虎鱼和虎鱼是世界上最著名的虎鱼,它们都是体型最大的虎鱼。

8. Goonch Fish


Most Dangerous Fish   Goonch fish is found in the Kali River running between India and Nepal; the fish is a member of catfish family with dangerously sharp teeth and over seven feet long structure. What makes Goonch fish even more dangerous and horrific is its awareness of the taste of human flesh. The alarming number of disappearances and drowning in the Kali River is attributed to this giant man-eater. 在印度和尼泊尔之间的卡利河中发现了一种鱼。这条鱼是鲶鱼家族的一员,有着锋利的牙齿和长达7英尺的结构。使Goonch鱼更加危险和可怕的是它对人肉味道的认识。在卡利河中失踪和溺水的人数惊人,这是由于这个巨大的食人族。

7. The Stonefish


Most Dangerous Fish   The Stonefish is not only one of the most dangerous fish but it is also one of the weirdest sea creatures; Stonefish is an unnoticeable fish as it resembles the surface of a stone and could not be recognised unless you have stepped on it. Stonefish is known to be the most poisonous fish on the living earth, the pain caused by its sting is incurable and the victim has to suffer for hours. There is a slight discrepancy in the belief that whether or whether not a Stonefish kills though some believe that its only the pain while others argue that it's poison can kill within two hours. 石鱼不仅是最危险的鱼类之一,也是最怪异的海洋生物之一;石鱼是一种不引人注意的鱼,因为它类似于石头的表面,除非你踩到它,否则它不会被认出来。众所周知,石鱼是地球上最毒的鱼,它的刺痛是无法治愈的,受害者不得不忍受数小时的痛苦。人们对石头鱼是否会致死的看法存在着轻微的差异,尽管有些人认为这只是一种痛苦,而另一些人则认为它的毒液在两小时内就会被杀死。

6. The Snakehead Fish


Most Dangerous Fish   The Snakehead fish is the original inhabitant of China, Russia and Korea while it can find its way to other countries and their ecosystems too. Once it finds its way to any lake or pond, it eats up all the living beings in the water, after ‘cleaning' the water, it gets out to the land and eats whatever comes its way until it reaches another water reservoir. 蛇头鱼是中国、俄罗斯和韩国的原始居民,它也可以找到其他国家和生态系统。一旦它找到了通向任何湖泊或池塘的路,它就把所有的生物都吃掉了,在“清洁”水之后,它就会跑到陆地上,吃着它的任何东西,直到它到达另一个水库。

5. Vandellia Cirrhosa

Vandellia Cirrhosa

Most Dangerous Fish   The fish is the true and exact embodiment of the notion ‘Size doesn't matter', the fish is about 2.5 cm long and 3.5 mm wide and is also known as ‘the toothpick fish'. The fish causes relatively huge, and we really mean huge, calamity to man; Vandellia is attracted to blood and urine as it extracts its main source of food from it, which is urea. The fish easily passes through anus, vagina or penis and starts sucking blood causing extreme pain to the victim. In many cases amputation is the only remedy to it, which is even more horrifying. 鱼是概念“大小不重要”的真实和准确的体现,鱼长约2.5厘米,宽3.5毫米,也被称为“牙签鱼”。鱼的数量相对巨大,我们对人类来说是巨大的灾难;凡达利亚在提取其主要食物来源——尿素时,会被血液和尿液所吸引。鱼很容易通过肛门、阴道或阴茎,开始吸血,给受害者造成极大的痛苦。在许多情况下,截肢是唯一的治疗方法,甚至更可怕。

4. Piranha


Most Dangerous Fish   Remember the movie named Piranha having small fishes attacking the beachers? Yes we are talking about the same fish; Piranha's origination is in South America and Brazil. Similar to Vandellia Cirrhosa, Piranha is small in size with greater extent of danger, it is known for its noxious bite force as it bites its prey to bones in no time. 还记得那部叫食人鱼的电影吗?是的,我们说的是同一条鱼;Piranha的起源在南美和巴西。与汪达利亚的Cirrhosa类似,食人鱼的体型较小,危险程度更大,它以其有毒的咬伤力而闻名,因为它很快就会咬碎它的猎物。

3. Pufferfish


Most Dangerous Fish   Pufferfish is ranked amongst the topmost poisonous fish found till the present date; the fish has poison reservoir of tetrodotoxin in its liver, ovaries, intestines and skin. The tetrodotoxin poison affects the brain and may cause weakness, paralysis and death even at a minimum consumption of the poison, which makes it a highly dangerous fish. 河豚鱼排在迄今为止发现的最具毒性的鱼类中;这种鱼的肝脏、卵巢、肠道和皮肤都含有河豚毒素。河豚毒素会影响大脑,并可能导致虚弱、瘫痪和死亡,即使是在最低限度地消耗这种毒素,这也使它成为一种高度危险的鱼类。

2. Box Jellyfish


Most Dangerous Fish   Box Jellyfish is different in a number of ways than their other family members as they have more developed nervous system and has real pair of eyes. It has long flagella and deadly poison, according to resources the Box Jellyfish poison can cause death within few minutes while the marks left by its sting is for eternity. Its poison attacks the cardiac activity as the victim experiences extremely low heart rate. 箱形水母在很多方面都与其他家庭成员不同,因为它们有更发达的神经系统,而且有一双真正的眼睛。它有长长的鞭毛和致命的毒药,根据资源,盒子水母毒可以在几分钟内导致死亡,而它的刺留下的痕迹是永恒的。它的毒液攻击心脏活动,因为受害者的心率非常低。

1. Payara – The Most Dangerous Fish


Most Dangerous Fish   Payara is also known as the ‘vampire fish' and are even more dangerous and vicious predators than the Piranhas. It may grow up to four feet and are absolutely capable of preying fishes nearly of their own size. Apart from having sharp teeth and two front outer tusks, Payara is the only fish that is capable of devouring Piranhas, which marks their deadliness higher than Piranhas. Payara也被称为“吸血鱼”,它比食人鱼更危险、更凶残。它可能长到四英尺,完全可以捕食几乎自己体型的鱼类。除了拥有锋利的牙齿和两颗前外獠牙外,Payara是唯一能够吞食食人鱼的鱼,这标志着它们比食人鱼更致命。