Too much workload sometimes makes us feel tired. We need to get refreshed so that can restart the work with the same level of energy and motivation. But where does this energy comes from? Obviously the diets and drinks we have everyday. A hot cup of coffee is even enough when it is raining or the weather is cold. The magic ingredients of coffee strengthen our nerves for getting back to work. Let us check out the 10 most favorite coffee chains in the world to have refreshing and mouth-watering coffee at. 工作量太大有时会使我们感到疲劳。我们需要重新振作起来,这样才能以同样的精力和动力重新开始工作。但是这种能量来自哪里呢?很明显,我们每天的饮食和饮料。当下雨或天气寒冷时,一杯热咖啡就足够了。咖啡的神奇成分增强了我们重返工作的勇气。让我们来看看世界上最受欢迎的十大咖啡连锁店吧,让我们来点新鲜的、令人垂涎欲滴的咖啡。

10. McCafe:


Favorite Coffee Chains   McCafe's coffee is quite flavory and rich in ingredients. This coffee chain has more than 1200 shops around the world. Thanks to McDonald's, the owner of McCafe for making such a wonderful coffee chain possible for the tea and coffee lovers. McCafe stated its working from USA in 2001. By the end of 2002, its more than 300 shops got opened successfully in all big cities of USA, and now McCafe is proudly operating the world over. 麦咖啡的咖啡味道很好,配料也很丰富。这家咖啡连锁店在世界各地有超过1200家商店。感谢麦当劳,McCafe的老板为茶和咖啡爱好者制作了这样一个美妙的咖啡连锁店。麦咖啡公司于2001年宣布其在美国的工作。到2002年底,它的300多家店铺在美国的所有大城市都成功开业,现在McCafe在全世界都很自豪地经营着。

9. Tully's Coffee:


Favorite Coffee Chains   Tully's Coffee has its head branch in Washington, USA and is one of the best coffeehouses in the world. The special coffee served here are both milk coffee and milk-free coffee. Those who love strong coffee should go with milk-free coffee while the light coffee lovers can give preference to milk coffee. Tully's Coffee came into being in 1992 and the founder of this famous coffee chain is Tom Tully O'Keefe. He is also the owner of various multinational companies, restaurants and hotels. Currently Tully's Coffee has more than 230 shops within and outside USA. 塔利咖啡在美国华盛顿有其总部,是世界上最好的咖啡馆之一。这里供应的特殊咖啡是牛奶咖啡和无奶咖啡。爱喝浓咖啡的人应该喝无奶咖啡,而轻咖啡爱好者则更喜欢喝牛奶咖啡。Tully的咖啡诞生于1992年,这家著名咖啡连锁店的创始人是Tom Tully O'Keefe。他也是众多跨国公司、餐馆和酒店的老板。目前,Tully的咖啡在美国国内外有超过230家商店。

8. Coffee Beanery:


Coffee Beanery Franchise   Coffee Beanery is another USA headquartered coffee chain and one of the most flourished and well established coffee chains in the world. It was founded in 1976 and sells pastries, snacks and other eatables in addition to the regular and strong coffee. Coffee Beanery currently has over 30 centers and 140 coffee shops in China, USA, UAE and Asian countries. Some of its franchises include Coffee Beanery restaurant, coffee bar, double-wide drive and the regular coffee spots. 咖啡杯是另一家总部设在美国的咖啡连锁店,是世界上最繁荣、最成熟的咖啡连锁店之一。它成立于1976年,除了常规和浓咖啡外,还出售糕点、小吃和其他可食用的食物。目前在中国、美国、阿联酋和亚洲国家有超过30家中心和140家咖啡店。它的一些特许经营店包括咖啡、咖啡、双车道和普通咖啡。

7. Costa Coffee:


costa coffee express machin   Costa Coffee is one of the largest and most favorite coffee chains in the world with more than 18000 branches in 35 countries across the globe. The founders of Costa Coffee Sergio and Bruno Costa laid its foundation in 70s and since then it is successfully operating. Costa Coffee has used the partnership plan for expanding its routes the world over. It has now become a complete coffee chain accompanied with a small bookstore, cinema and mini pizza spot. Costa咖啡是世界上最大最受欢迎的咖啡连锁店之一,在全球35个国家拥有超过18000家分店。科斯塔咖啡的创始人塞尔吉奥和布鲁诺·科斯塔在70年代建立了基金会,从那时起它就成功运作了。Costa咖啡利用合作计划扩展了世界各地的航线。如今,它已成为一个完整的咖啡连锁店,配有一个小书店、电影院和迷你比萨店。

6. Caribou Coffee:


Caribou Coffee   Caribou Coffee owns more than 1400 coffee shops the world over. You can find both coffee and green tea at any of its outlet. It is up to you to choose the coffee shop for a dine-in deal or take-away. In case you have a mode to enjoy coffee with pancake or yummy pastries then dine-in idea will be great. Caribou Coffee chains in various states have been closed due to its association with Frontier Airlines and changes in mode of expansion during 2013, but still Caribou Coffee is a successful coffee chain. 北美驯鹿咖啡拥有世界上1400多家咖啡店。你可以在它的任何一个出口找到咖啡和绿茶。你可以选择在咖啡店里买一份外卖或外卖。如果你有一种可以用煎饼或美味糕点来享受咖啡的方式,那么你的想法就会很棒。北美驯鹿咖啡连锁店因其与边境航空公司的关系以及2013年的扩张模式而关闭,但北美驯鹿咖啡仍然是一个成功的咖啡连锁店。

5. Lavazza Coffee:


Lavazza Coffee   Mr. Luigi Lavazza laid the foundation of Lavazza Coffee in 1895. This coffee chain is now being run by the 4th generation of his family and is one of the most prominent coffee chains with its branches in Brazil, Africa, America, United Kingdom and parts of Asia. In addition the different flavors and tastes of coffee, you can find espresso drinks, cakes, pastries and other bakery products here. Lavazza serves its special coffee with chicken sticks and roast so if you want to quench your hunger with some mouth watering food then take no more time to visit this lavish coffee shop. 路易吉·拉法札在1895年奠定了Lavazza咖啡的基础。This coffee chain is now being run by the 4th generation of his family and is one of the most prominent coffee chains with its branches in Brazil, Africa, America, United Kingdom and parts of Asia. 此外,咖啡的口味和口味不同,你可以在这里找到意式浓缩咖啡、蛋糕、糕点和其他烘焙食品。Lavazza用鸡肉棒和烤肉来提供特殊的咖啡,所以如果你想用一些流口水来浇灭你的饥饿感,那就不要再花时间去参观这个奢华的咖啡店了。

4. Gloria Jean's Coffee:


Favorite Coffee Chains   Gloria Jean's Coffee tracks its history back from 1979. The founders of this internationally recognized coffee chain are Ed & Gloria Jean Kvetko. Gloria Jean's Coffee is top notch and known for its best quality taste and flavor. In addition to the coffee, you can find cold drinks, teas and other eatables as well. Their coffee makers keep an eye on the ingredients and quality of products and never let the nutritional information ignored while preparing coffee for the guests. Gloria Jean的咖啡追溯了1979年的历史。这个国际公认的咖啡连锁店的创始人是Ed & Gloria Jean Kvetko。格洛丽亚·珍的咖啡是一流的,以其最优质的口味和味道而闻名。除了咖啡,你还可以找到冷饮、茶和其他的食物。他们的咖啡师会密切关注产品的成分和质量,在为客人准备咖啡时,绝不让营养信息被忽视。

3. Tim Hortons:

Tim Hortons:

Tim Hortons   Tim Hortons is one of the biggest and most dominating coffee chains of Canada. It is said that its branches are spread all over the world and are double the number of branches of McDonald's. Tim Hortons was founded by NHLer Timr Horton in 1964. Tim Hortons has more than 4300 coffee shops and outlets in all big countries of the world. Alone in North America it has 500 stores, operating successfully and serving the coffee lovers with pride. 蒂姆·霍顿斯是加拿大最大、最具影响力的咖啡连锁店之一。据说它的分店遍布世界各地,是麦当劳分店数量的两倍。蒂姆·霍顿斯于1964年由NHLer Timr Horton创立。蒂姆·霍顿斯在世界上所有的大国家拥有超过4300家咖啡店和销售点。仅在北美就有500家门店,经营成功,为咖啡爱好者提供了自豪。

2. Starbucks:


Starbucks Coffee   Starbucks is a successful and dominating coffee store in the world. Its food menu includes coffee, plain tea, green tea, bakery products, chicken sticks and shakes. Whatever you want to have you can easily find here. Overall it is going to be an interesting deal if you enjoy a meal at this coffee shop this weekend with your family. Summarizing the features I must say Starbucks is not only a coffee chain but also a complete restaurant with delicious dine-in and take-away deals available for its clients. 星巴克是世界上一个成功的、主导的咖啡店。它的食物菜单包括咖啡、普通茶、绿茶、烘焙食品、鸡肉棒和奶昔。无论你想要什么,你都可以在这里找到。总的来说,如果你和你的家人在这个周末的咖啡馆里享受一顿大餐,这将会是一笔有趣的交易。总结我必须说的特点,星巴克不仅是一个咖啡连锁店,而且是一个完整的餐厅,有美味的餐厅和外卖,为其客户提供。

1. Dunkin Donuts:


Favorite Coffee Chains   Dunkin Donuts has more than 12000 restaurants and coffee spots in the world. It is operating for about 39 years and has been one of the most successful and prominent coffee chains. Don't get confused with the name of Dunkin Donuts because they do offer coffee and tea as well. In fact, the coffee served here is quite delicious and comes in different tastes. Dunkin Donuts拥有超过12000家餐厅和咖啡点。它经营了大约39年,是最成功和最著名的咖啡连锁店之一。不要和Dunkin Donuts的名字混淆,因为它们也提供咖啡和茶。事实上,这里的咖啡味道很好,味道也不一样。