In a recent worldwide survey conducted by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) it was stated that almost all executives surveyed to understand testing as an important investment in the software. Nevertheless, the implementation is still not sustainable. The consequences of inadequate quality are visible, but usually it is spotted but then it is already too late. Through effective testing and quality management these software errors can be reduced. Here are the top ten interesting software errors of all time. 在Pierre Audoin咨询公司(PAC)最近进行的一项全球调查中,几乎所有接受调查的高管都认为测试是软件的一项重要投资。然而,实施仍然是不可持续的。质量不合格的后果是显而易见的,但通常是被发现的,但为时已晚。通过有效的测试和质量管理,可以减少这些软件错误。以下是所有时间里最有趣的十大软件错误。

10. Hundred of Thousands of Delayed Salary Payments:


Interesting Software Errors   At one of the largest banks in Japan witnessed this software error in about 5,600 ATMs for 24 hours. To speed up the system restore, grid had to be taken off at all 38,000 ATMs. Over several days, no online banking was possible. Only after a ten-day delay, the bank was able to pay all transfers with a total of 1.5 billion U.S. dollars (over a billion Euro). 在日本最大的银行之一,在大约5,600台atm机中出现了这个软件错误,长达24小时。为了加快系统恢复速度,必须在38000台自动取款机上取下电网。在过去的几天里,没有网上银行是可能的。仅在10天的延迟之后,该银行才能够支付全部转账,总额为15亿美元(超过10亿欧元)。

9. Free Money Flowing out from ATM's:


Interesting Software Errors   In the Australian cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane customers could withdraw unlimited money from 40 defective ATM for about five and a half hours. This error occurred due to the surprising windfall disturbance in the database software, which enabled the machine to standby mode: The device was unable to recognize the limits of daily limits. 在澳大利亚的悉尼,墨尔本和布里斯班的顾客可以从40个有缺陷的自动取款机上取钱,大约5个半小时。这个错误是由于数据库软件中意外的意外意外引起的,使机器处于待机状态:设备无法识别每日限制的范围。

8. Data Backlog of Smartphone Maker:


Data Backlog of blackberry   A network outage at one of the world's leading Smartphone maker caused no internet surfing, no access to e-mail account and any instant messaging services. It caused the terminals of millions of customers a data backlog. The most affected regions were Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Subsequently, the company had to execute several billion emails. The network outage was due to a data center in the UK, where the additional reserve system also collapsed. 全球领先的智能手机制造商之一的网络中断,导致没有上网,没有电子邮件账户和任何即时通讯服务。它导致了数百万客户的终端数据积压。受影响最严重的地区是欧洲、非洲、中东和拉丁美洲。随后,该公司不得不执行了几十亿封电子邮件。网络中断是由于英国的一个数据中心,在那里额外的储备系统也崩溃了。

7. Excitement of Green Card Winners:


Interesting Software Errors   For over 20,000 participants in the Green Card Lottery, were overjoyed to an early receipt of their work permit in the U.S. A programming error resulted in an unfair draw of the green card winners who violated the U.S. law. Later, all results were revised and draw was repeated. 在美国绿卡抽签中,有超过2万名参与者因提前收到他们的工作许可而欣喜若狂,而程序设计上的失误导致了绿卡获得者的不公平竞争,他们违反了美国法律。之后,所有的结果都进行了修改,并进行了重复。

6. Innocent People Behind the Bars: 


Interesting Software Errors   This software error led to the declaration of 22 innocent persons as criminals and they were arrested in the Australian state of New South Wales as a result of about 3,600 defects in a computer system and problems with the electronic transmission of information. 这一软件错误导致22名无辜的人成为犯罪分子,他们在澳大利亚新南威尔斯州被逮捕,原因是计算机系统约有3600个缺陷,以及信息的电子传输问题。

5. Data Chaos Transition to Electronic Tax Card:


10 Interesting Software Errors   Through a software-detected error false income tax data was sent up to 600,000 German taxpayers. The software misinterpreted facts like, religious affiliation, marital status, split of tax classes 3 and 5 with each other. The electronic tax card is soon to introduced. 通过一个软件检测到的错误,虚假所得税数据被发送到60万德国纳税人。该软件错误解释了事实,如宗教信仰、婚姻状况、税收等级3、5等。电子税卡即将推出。

4. Mass Recall of Uncontrollable Cars: 


Camry Toyota Car   Worldwide, nearly one million cars had to be recalled by a Japanese automaker. The Cause of error was power windows, which could result in a fire. In addition, 26,000 vehicles rolled through a programming error in the engine management as if by magic independently back and forth when the driver started the engine. Tokyo Stock Exchange the manufacturer's stock fell by almost five percent. 在全球范围内,日本汽车制造商不得不召回近100万辆汽车。造成错误的原因是电动车窗,可能会引起火灾。此外,2.6万辆汽车在引擎管理过程中出现了编程错误,就像司机启动引擎时的魔法一样。东京证券交易所制造商的股票下跌了近百分之五。

3. Open Access to Highly Confidential Bank and Customer Data:


10 Interesting Software Errors   After the personal logging on to a newly introduced electronic ticketing system of a German logistics and travel company subsequent users could see all of the data of its predecessors: including the address and phone numbers to the bank. A software error had disclosed the information of the developed system over several years. 在对一家德国物流和旅游公司新引入的电子票务系统进行个人登录后,随后的用户可以看到其前身的所有数据:包括银行的地址和电话号码。一个软件错误在几年的时间里泄露了开发系统的信息。 Simple and elegant website designs like this which engages a simple, powerful, and a programming language can act as a shield towards massive software errors. An e commerce portal can never afford a failure like this. Simple and elegant website designs like this which engages a simple, powerful, and a programming language can act as a shield towards massive software errors. 一个电子商务门户永远不能承受这样的失败。

2. Disabled Tenth Army at War:


US army in Afghanistan   The use of a $ 2.7 billion (two billion Euros) expensive computer system by the U.S. Army was meant to contribute the real-time information for reconnaissance and surveillance, and provide an analysis of the actual situation on the ground. Instead, it hindered the fighting on the front line troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. The system was unable to perform even simple analytical tasks and responded with delayed results. Inaccurate reports were also generated. The search instrument of software was based on cloud computing network. The main error was found of the software being not compatible with the already existing one in the U.S. Army. 美国陆军使用价值27亿美元(20亿欧元)的昂贵电脑系统,旨在为侦察和监视提供实时信息,并对地面的实际情况进行分析。相反,它阻碍了前线部队在阿富汗和伊拉克的战斗。系统无法执行简单的分析任务,并以延迟的结果进行响应。也产生了不准确的报告。软件的搜索工具是基于云计算网络的。主要错误是发现软件与美国陆军现有的软件不兼容。

1. $240 Million for Punishment and Payments:


10 Interesting Software Errors   $25 million penalty on the U.S. financial regulatory services were imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an international financial services provider. They had previously covered up an error in the software application of a mutual fund. At the same time, the company had to reimburse the defrauded investors the damage: $ 217 million (160 million Euros). 国际金融服务提供商美国证券交易委员会(SEC)对美国金融监管机构处以2500万美元的罚款。此前,他们在共同基金的软件应用中掩盖了一个错误。与此同时,该公司不得不赔偿被骗的投资者损失:2.17亿美元(1.6亿欧元)。