What is the nicest thing you've ever done for a complete stranger and vice versa?你为素不相识的人做过什么最好的事,或者素不相识的人为你做过什么   获得23K好评的回答@Kittie Eubank: After a very bad breakup, I borrowed a pickup to drive from Houston to Mississippi to visit my family and pick up a load of furniture I had stored there.遭遇了很糟糕的分手之后,我借了一辆小卡车从休斯顿开车到密西西比去父母那儿拿之前放在那儿的很多家具。 On the way back, well after dark, I got a flat tire. Fortunately, when I realized it was flat I was right at an off-ramp with a small gas station, so I pulled up there to figure out what to do.回来的路上,天已经很黑了,我轮胎瘪了。幸运的是,我发现轮胎瘪的时候正好到了匝道上,那儿有一家小加油站,我把车停下看看该怎么办。 I couldn’t find a spare tire anywhere I could get to with the huge load of furniture, so I went inside and bought a couple cans of Fix-A-Flat. I’d never used it, but how hard could it be?车上装着这么多家具,我到处都找不到多余的轮胎,我就走进商店里买了几罐修补轮胎的Fix-A-Flat,我从没用过,但能有多难呢? I crouched there by the flat tire with the yellow metal cans that were supposed to be solving my problem but were really just adding to my frustration and started to cry.我蹲在瘪了的轮胎旁边,身边放着那些本该解决我的难题的黄色金属罐,但它们反倒让我更加郁闷,我开始哭起来。 Then a short, muscular guy in a leather biker jacket and ripped jeans with a faded bandanna tied over his bald head pulled in on a Harley and parked next to me.后来一个个子不高的肌肉男骑着哈雷摩托车过来停在我身边,他穿着皮质机车服和破洞牛仔裤,光头,扎着一条褪了色的花头巾。 Oh good lord, I don’t need this right now, I thought.天呐,我想我现在不需要这样的人。 He approached and I prepared to brush him off. Then he knelt down by me and asked if he could help. He pulled a clean bandana out of his pocket and gave it to me to dry my tears and introduced himself as David.他走过来,我准备不搭理他,他在我身边跪下,问我他是否能帮上忙,他从口袋里拿出一条干净的花头巾,递给我让我擦眼泪,然后介绍自己说他叫David。 He put the Fix-A-Flat into the tire with ease and it worked - yay! We chatted a bit; turns out he lived in Houston too and was headed home.他把Fix-A-Flat轻松地放进轮胎里,真的起作用了—耶!我们聊了一会,原来他也住在休斯顿,现在是要回家。 David wanted to be sure the tire didn’t immediately go flat again so he offered to follow me a few miles up the road - he knew of a Burger King where we could stop and grab a bite before continuing down the highway. We did this, and chatted over our flame-broiled burgers like old friends.为了确定轮胎不会马上再瘪掉,David提出要陪我走几英里,他知道有一家Burger King,在那儿我们能停下来吃点东西,然后继续上路。我们就是那样做的,像老朋友一样吃着烤汉堡聊着天。 On Monday morning the first thing I did was email him a thank-you card with my sincere gratitude. My email signature said I was an administrative assistant and he responded by asking if I was interested in a new job.周一早上我做的第一件事就是用电子邮件真心地给他发了一张感谢卡。电子邮件的署名我写的是行政助理,他回复我问我是否想换个新工作。 The following Monday I started work as the office manager of his oil company - one of the absolute most enjoyable jobs I’ve ever had and a pay increase of over 30%.第二周的周一我就去他的石油公司做了业务经理,对我来说绝对是最心仪的一份工作,工资涨了30%。 I have since learned that the vast majority of bikers, especially Harley guys, are some of the best human beings you could ever want to know. David certainly was!从那以后我明白了大多数的骑手,尤其是骑哈雷摩托的男孩,都会是你想结识的最好的人,David当然就是其中之一!   (翻译:菲菲)