The world, today, is full of stereotypes. Everyone likes to give a label to others, categorizing them based on their looks, profession or hobbies. Being judged is a common part of a person's everyday life. Women, with their accelerating presence in everything that was once considered a man's job, are the subject of the majority of such stereotypes. 今天的世界充满了陈词滥调。每个人都喜欢给别人贴上标签,根据自己的长相、职业或爱好对他们进行分类。被评判是一个人日常生活中很常见的一部分。女性在所有曾经被认为是男性的工作中不断加速的存在,是这种刻板印象的主体。 One of the most common thoughts about women is that, beauty and brain cannot exist together. It is almost amazing to some people that a woman who has a pretty face and keeps herself looking pretty can have some formal education or be intelligent. Of all women, those in the entertainment business are the most judged. It is a taken that a woman who is an actress or a model is beautiful. With this theory follows the common deduction that these women are dumb. So, here are the names of some women whom the world only appreciates for their fair skin and luscious lips or great body, and silently thwarts as dumb. Have a look at 10 Not-So-Dumb Hollywood celebrities! 关于女人最常见的一个想法是,美貌和智慧不能并存。对一些人来说,拥有漂亮脸蛋并让自己看起来漂亮的女性可以接受正规教育或有智慧,这几乎让人吃惊。在所有女性中,娱乐行业的人是最受评判的。一个女演员或模特是美丽的。有了这个理论,就可以推断出这些女人是哑巴。所以,这里有一些女人的名字,她们的美丽肌肤,甜美的嘴唇,美丽的身体,以及无声的沉默。看看10位不那么愚蠢的好莱坞明星吧!

1. Hedy Lamarr


Hedy Lamarr Sizzling Pose   This Austrian actress was one of the most glamorous faces of her time. ‘The Ecstasy lady' was seen in films like White Cargo, The Conspirators and many more, which were later recognized as all-time classics. But, what most people do not know about Hedy ‘Delilah' Lamarr is that she was an inventor. In fact, without her, the wireless data communication that human beings around the world are dependent on would not have been possible. Working alongside George Antheil, she developed the technology of “frequency hopping” and spread spectrum, which posed to be of immense importance to the national government. They devised a contraption to synchronize radio signals. So, the next time you use your Wi Fi or mobile internet, do not forget to thank this pretty lady. 这位奥地利女演员是她那个时代最迷人的面孔之一。《心醉神迷》在电影中被看到,比如白色的货物、阴谋家和更多的人,后来被认为是有史以来最经典的作品。但是,大多数人不知道Hedy ' Delilah' Lamarr是一个发明家。事实上,如果没有她,世界上人类赖以生存的无线数据通信就不可能实现。她与乔治·安西伊一起工作,开发了“跳频”和扩频技术,这对国家政府来说是非常重要的。他们发明了一种同步无线电信号的装置。所以,下次你使用Wi - Fi或移动互联网时,别忘了感谢这位漂亮女士。

2. Natalie Portman


Not-So-Dumb Hollywood Celebrities   The little girl from Leon: The Professional grew up to astound the world with her critically acclaimed role in the Black Swan. But, given a choice between a life as an actress and a life as a smart and educated lady, she chooses the latter! She is, in fact, a graduate from Harvard University: she has an A.B. degree in psychology. During her school years, she co-authored a research paper on “A Simple Method to Demonstrate the Enzymatic Production of Hydrogen from Sugar” with Jonathan Woodward and Ian Hurley, which was eligible to enter the Intel Science Talent Search. During her psychology studies, she made major contributions to a study on memory involving Spectroscopy and activation of frontal lobe. 来自里昂的小女孩:专业人士成长为震惊世界,她在《黑天鹅》中扮演的角色备受赞誉。但是,在作为一个演员的生活和作为一个聪明而有教养的女士的生活之间,她选择了后者!事实上,她是哈佛大学的毕业生:她有心理学学士学位。在她的学习生涯中,她与乔纳森·伍德沃德和伊恩·赫尔利合著了一篇关于“用糖来证明氢的酶生产的简单方法”的研究论文,该论文有资格进入英特尔科学人才搜索。在她的心理学研究中,她为一项有关记忆的研究做出了重大贡献,包括光谱学和额叶激活。

3. Lisa Kudrow


Beautiful Lisa Kudrow   Everyone who has a thing for television soaps has watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and knows Lisa Kudrow for portraying the role of Phoebe Buffay. Who doesn't love her Phoebe? She is random, she is crazy, she is drop-dead gorgeous. Lisa bagged the Emmy for this role. She has also received accolades for her other performances and works, and her contribution to the entertainment industry is undeniable. But, did you know that this pretty blonde graduated with a degree in biology and was on the verge of publishing her research on headache types and hemispheric dominance when Friends happened? The world of television thanks her for her choice, of course! 每个有电视肥皂剧的人都看过F.R.I.E.N.D.S.,知道丽莎库卓扮演菲比布菲的角色。谁不爱她的菲比?她是随机的,她是疯狂的,她是非常漂亮的。丽莎在艾美奖上扮演了这个角色。她的其他表演和作品也受到赞誉,她对娱乐行业的贡献是不可否认的。但是,你知道吗?这位金发碧眼的金发美女毕业于生物学专业,即将出版她关于头痛类型和大脑半球优势的研究。电视世界感谢她的选择,当然!

4. Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik   In The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik plays the role of Amy Farah Fowler, the love interest of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a crazy scientist, who was won over by her intelligence. Sure enough, Amy is a neurobiologist. If some other actress had played this role, it could be quite possible that she never heard the name of the specialization before. But not this lady. Mayim has a Ph.D in neuroscience. She specializes in OCD in adolescents who have Prader-Willi syndrome. That's not all: she even studied Hebrew/Jewish at UCLA. 在《生活大爆炸》中,马伊姆·拜力克扮演了艾米·法拉·福勒的角色,她是一个疯狂的科学家谢尔顿·库珀博士的爱人,她被她的聪明才智所击败。当然,艾米是神经生物学家。如果其他的女演员扮演过这个角色,她可能从来没有听说过这个专业的名字。但不是这位女士。Mayim有神经科学博士学位。她专门研究患有普瑞德威利综合征的青少年强迫症。这还不是全部:她甚至在加州大学洛杉矶分校学习希伯来语/犹太教。

5. Meryl Streep


Meryl Streep   Many people in the entertainment business say that they chanced upon the career by accident, and discovered their hidden talent in due course of time at Hollywood. Not Meryl Streep: her acting career began while she was pursuing her B.A. in no other subject but Drama. Later, she went and got herself a Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama. So, the next time you watch one of her films and get blown over by her timeless beauty and her ability to have visceral impact, remember that she is armed by the power of knowledge to enhance her talent. 娱乐界的许多人说,他们偶然发现了自己的职业生涯,在好莱坞的时间里发现了他们隐藏的才华。梅丽尔·斯特里普(Meryl Streep):她的演艺事业开始于她在追求她的文学学士学位的时候,除了戏剧之外没有其他题材。后来,她去了耶鲁大学戏剧学院,获得了美术硕士学位。所以,当你下次再看她的电影,并被她永恒的美貌和她的内心影响所震撼时,请记住,她是靠知识的力量来提高她的才能的。

6. Jodie Foster


Jodie Foster Sizzling   “The Accused” Academy Award winner, Jodie Foster, well known for her roles in some of the most well-known Hollywood movies like The Silence of the Lambs, Panic Room, Flightplan etc., and has a bagful of BAFTA, Golden Globe and many other awards. She started acting at a very early age, but, never gave up on her education. After passing from LycéeFrançais de Los Angeles, she attended Yale and graduated as an upper-level French scholar, before returning to her acting career. “被指控的”奥斯卡奖得主朱迪·福斯特因出演《沉默的羔羊》、《惊魂密室》、《飞行计划》等好莱坞最著名的电影而闻名,并拥有《英国电影协会》、《金球奖》和其他许多奖项。她在很小的时候就开始演戏了,但她从来没有放弃过她的教育。她从洛杉矶的LyceeFrancais大学毕业后,进入了耶鲁大学,并以法国高级学者的身份毕业,之后又回到了她的演艺事业。

7. Brooke Shields


Brooke Shields Sizzling Eyes   Child actress and supermodel, Brooke Shields, breaks the major kind of stereotypes about dumb models. In between modelling and appearing on the cover of Vogue as the youngest model to ever do so, she found herself the time to graduate from the Princeton University in French Literature. So, next time you think that all models are dumb, please think again. 儿童女演员和超级模特波姬·谢尔兹打破了关于哑巴模特的主要刻板印象。在《时尚》杂志的封面上,她是有史以来最年轻的模特,她发现自己有时间从普林斯顿大学的法国文学专业毕业。所以,下次你认为所有的模特都是哑巴的时候,请再想想。

8. Lucy Liu


Lucy Liu   Well-known for her role as one of the Angels of Charlie, Lucy's face reminds everyone what a perfect balance she is of beauty and strength, as the images of her landing kicks and punches on the goons in the movie flash in our memories. What people do not probably know is that, Lucy completed her B.Sc. in Asian Languages and Cultures. The actress is fluent in 5 different languages. 露西以扮演查理的天使而闻名,她的脸提醒每个人,她的美丽与力量是多么完美的平衡,因为她在电影《闪电侠》的记忆中,她的登陆点上的影像,会在电影中出现。人们可能不知道的是,露西在亚洲语言和文化中完成了她的b。这位女演员精通五种不同的语言。

9. Ashley Judd


Ashley Judd Sizzling Photo   Before embarking upon a rewarding career in acting, Ashley Judd of Norma Jean &Marylin fame was busy majoring in French. In fact, when most struggle to handle a single minor, she minored in 4 subjects: women's studies, theatre, art history and anthropology. Later, she also went and got herself a mid-career one year master's degree in Public Administration. 在从事演艺事业之前,诺玛·金和玛丽莲·马林的名声正忙着学法语。事实上,当大多数人都在努力处理一个小问题时,她辅修了4门学科:女性研究、戏剧、艺术史和人类学。后来,她也去了公共行政学院,并获得了一年的硕士学位。

10. Jennifer Connelly


Jennifer Connelly   Jennifer has been the first choice for films of great depth and complexities, like Blood Diamond or A Beautiful Mind. She has also been the target of designers who have wanted her to model for them. What makes her the perfect blend of beauty, talent and brain is the fact that she has a Bachelor's degree from the Stanford University. 詹妮弗是《血钻》和《美丽心灵》等电影的首选。她也成为了设计师们的目标,他们希望她为他们树立榜样。她拥有斯坦福大学(Stanford University)的学士学位,这使她完美地融合了美貌、才华和智慧。 So, the next time you look at any of these ladies who have made themselves a place in the entertainment industry, or some of the others out there, and think that they are nothing but beauty, remember that there is much more beneath the superficial layer. 所以,下次你再去看那些在娱乐圈里,或者其他一些人,或者其他一些人,认为他们只是美丽的人的时候,你要记住,在表层之下还有更多的东西。 Written by OENDRILA DE Written by OENDRILA DE