David and Victoria Beckham are putting the outfits they wore to the royal wedding last month up for a charity auction. 大卫和维多利亚·贝克汉姆将把他们上月在王室婚礼上穿的礼服进行慈善拍卖。 The couple made the announcement on their Instagram accounts, each stating that the proceeds will be donated to The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund to help families affected by the terror attack last year.这对夫妇在他们的Instagram账户上宣布了这一消息,他们表示,这笔收益将被捐给“我们爱曼彻斯特急救基金”,以帮助去年遭受恐怖袭击的家庭。 Donations to the fund help relieve the financial needs among the victims and survivors of the disaster, including the families and dependents of those killed or injured in the events.对该基金的捐款能帮助灾难受害者和幸存者的减轻经负担,包括在事件中遇难或受伤人员的家庭和家属。 “To support the incredible work of The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund and the families affected by the Manchester attack last year, @victoriabeckham and I have partnered with @omazeworld to give you the chance to own our wedding outfits,” Beckham captioned his post. 贝克汉姆在微博上写道:“为了支持“我们爱曼彻斯特急救基金”杰出的工作,以及受去年遭受曼彻斯特袭击影响的家庭,我和@维多利亚·贝克汉姆、@omazeworld合作来给你们提供拥有我们参加婚礼时身穿礼服的机会。” Attending the nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the former footballer wore a charcoal grey suit designed by Kim Jones for Dior Homme which has “DB” sewn into it on the inside.在参加苏塞克斯公爵夫妇的婚礼时,这位前足球运动员穿着一套由Kim Jones为迪奥男装设计的深灰色西装,里面缝有“DB”字样。 He paired it with a light grey double-breasted waistcoat, Egyptian cotton poplin short, grey silk satin tie and black calfskin leather derbies.他搭配了一件浅灰色的双排扣马甲,埃及短款棉绸,灰色丝缎领带和黑色小牛皮皮短裤。   Meanwhile, fashion designer Victoria opted for an elegant navy midi dress with a belted neck and split sleeves from her upcoming pre-spring/summer 2019 collection.与此同时,时尚设计师维多利亚选择了一件优雅的海军风中长款连衣裙,领口系带,袖子分叉,这是她即将推出的2019年春夏时装系列的一部分。 “The dress is one of my favourites: it isn't in store until November, but we've had so many enquiries about it that I'm seeing whether I can bring it forward.”“这条裙子是我最喜欢的款式之一:它要到11月才会上市,但我们已经收到了很多关于它的咨询,所以我正在考虑是否能把它提前上市。” So, what do you need to do to be in with a chance of owning the power couple's ensembles?那么,你需要做些什么才能有机会拥有这对夫妇的全套服装呢? Fans will need to enter an online draw at omaze.com with tickets starting at just £7.50.粉丝们需要进入omaze.com在线抽签,票价仅为7.50英镑。 (翻译:小半)