It may be 68 years old, but Disney's Cinderella doesn't look a day over 21.算起来她应该有68岁了,但是迪士尼的辛德瑞拉看起来从来没有超过21岁。 Somehow, the loss of both her parents and a life of servitude, drudgery and maltreatment didn't dim her youthful glow.不过,她父母双亡,被奴役,做苦工,遭受虐待,丝毫没有阻碍她散发着年轻的光芒。 But even doe-eyed Disney princesses with improbably teeny waists aren't free from imperfections - and the perpetually perky Cinderella has her flaws.不过,即使公主眼神天真,腰身纤细,但也有不完美,自信、充满活力的辛德瑞拉也有她的缺点。 The new Wreck-It Ralph movie is being released later this year, and some new characters have been unveiled, including a 3D version of Cinderella.今年晚些时候上映的电影《无敌破坏王》,一些角色逐渐揭晓,其中包括3D版的辛德瑞拉。 The updated Cinderella also looks different, thanks to one simple tweak.更新版的辛德瑞拉看起来很不同,感谢这个简单的推文。 Her ears.调整的是她的耳朵。 She used to have NO EARS.她原来是没有耳朵的。 灰姑娘的3D版让我觉得以前的卡通形象有点怪,但是我又说不出哪里怪,就在刚才,我突然意识到原来是她!没!有!耳!朵! In the 1950 classic, we see her in her sparkly blue ballgown with her hair swept up, but no ears.在1950年的经典版本中,我们能看到她盘起的头发上带着一个蓝色闪光发带,但是没有耳朵。 Even when she's in her rags, her ears aren't exactly well-defined.即使在她穿破衣服的时候,耳朵也不明显。 One eagle-eyed fan pointed out the difference on Twitter, and others were quick to express their astonishment at having never noticed.一个眼尖的粉丝在推特上发表了自己看出的不同之处,其他人立刻表达了震惊,称自己居然从来没有发现。 As for why her ears slowly disappear over the course of the film, there was one interesting theory.关于她的耳朵为什么在电影中消失了,一个粉丝给出了非常有意思的理论。 But a more realistic theory is that, given how incredibly costly and time-consuming drawing a character is, it was Disney's way of cutting down on costs.还有一个比较实际的原因,如果把一个角色画的面面俱到很费钱而且花时间,这是迪士尼降低成本的做法。 So probably not anything to do with the Fairy Godmother dabbling in blood magic. Sorry.所以可能灰姑娘后妈施什么血腥的魔法无关。很抱歉(不用再开脑洞乱猜了)。  怪不得她对王子的呼唤没有反应,原来是,她,听!不!见! 不然她应该会注意到水晶鞋留在楼梯上的声音 (翻译:林浔鸥)