Use the internet often enough and you'll soon start to think that the world full of villains. But there are plenty of heroes who are there to protect you from them. And not all of them wear capes. Some are wearing bear costumes while they tear apart tents of Black Friday campers. Others are rocking a baseball cap when they're saving beer from a burning house. Bored Panda has compiled a list of our saviors, and their bravery is worth all the attention it can get. Yes, they might not be fighting the Joker or Magneto, but their courageous acts are making the world a better place nonetheless. And are putting a smile on our faces in the process. Scroll down to meet the heroes and upvote your favorites!在互联网上混迹的时间够久,你就会开始觉得,世界上到处都是坏人。幸好,世界上还有很多的英雄能保护你不受坏人伤害。并不是所有英雄都披风。还有些穿着熊熊套装,有些只身赴险,从火灾里救出了一杯啤酒。我们整理了一组英雄照,他们的英勇壮举值得得到大家的关注。或许他们并不会打击小丑或万磁王,但他们仍勇于用实际行动让世界变得更好。并且在这个过程中,让我们不禁会心一笑。往下翻,和这些英雄见见面,为你最喜欢的英雄投个票吧!   1 The Hero We Deserve我们值得拥有的英雄 My essay is 642 words and I need 700.我的论文只有642个字,要求要700字。 Change the text color to white and WISJDLSJZOEKOQNDOEWKO away at your keyboard.在键盘上随便敲几个字,再把字体改成白色。   2 The Hero We Need我们需要这样的英雄  Troopers : Man on LDS saves dog from imaginary fire.伞兵报道:男子服致幻药,从自己想象的火灾中救了一只小狗 His heart was in the right place even though his serotonin levels probably weren't...他的心如此正直,不过他体内的药物含量可能有点不对劲   3 Not All Heroes Wear Capes不是所有英雄都披着披风 What kind of monsters throw away a plant!居然把一株植物丢进垃圾桶,真是禽兽! You’re safe now, little guy.你安全了,小家伙! His name is Stanley and we are best friends.我给他取名叫Stanley,我们是最好的朋友。 Picked Stanley a new home.给Stanley找了个新家。 I rescued 2 plants! Stanley is on the right and Stacy is on the left.我救了两株植物!Stanley在左边,Stacy在右边。 There new home.看,新家!   4 Guy On The Train火车上遇到的人 The guy next to me on the train was watching the office, so naturally I not so subtly watched along. He noticed me watching with hime and turned on the subtitles . I hope he knows that I would die for him.火车上坐在我旁边的男人正在看《办公室》,我理所应当的,几乎是明目张胆的跟着一起看起来。他发现我跟着一起看,就把字幕打开了。我想让他知道我可以为他而死。 Hello, sir, if you see this. I will care for your children if you’re ever met with sudden death. You are also invited to my wedding and inscribed in my will.嗨,先生,如果你看到这个消息,如果你遇到意外,我愿意照顾你的子女。我也想邀请你参加我的婚礼。我的遗嘱里也会有你的名字。   5 Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Booty Shorts不是所有英雄都披着披风,有些英雄穿着短裤。 My friend needed sweatpants in order to go in her lab and take a quize so I'm chilling in[ the restroom for 50 mins with my booty shorts on./en]我的一个朋友要在她的实验室里参加一个考试,可是她没穿长裤。我把长裤借给了她,自己在卫生间里站了50分钟。   [en]6 Cereal Problem麦片危机 Can I borrow some milk from one of you?你们谁能借我一点牛奶? It’s 1:44am.现在是凌晨1点44分。 Why do you need milk?你要牛奶干嘛? Adryan how much do you need?Adryan你需要多少? I put cereal on the bowl and there was no milk.我把麦片放在碗里,突然发现家里没麦片了。 Like a whole gallon?大概一加仑吗? Deadass if you come to the window I sneak out of.笨笨,我从窗户溜出去,你到窗口来。 I’ll give you milk.我给你牛奶。 You’re mad, dumb Adryan.你是个疯子,傻Adryan。 I’m leaving in 5 minutes.我五分钟之内出发。   7 Not All Heroes Wear Capes不是所有英雄都披着披风 Sometimes, When No One Buys Tickets For A Movie, My Boss Lets Me Play GTA V On The Big Screen During My Break我在电影院工作,如果某个场次的票没人买,我的老板就会让我在休息时间在大荧幕上玩电子游戏(《侠盗猎车5》)   8.Friend Of Mine Posted This To Facebook. This Guy Goes Around The Neighborhood Selling BBQ Like An Ice-Cream Truck Guy On The Weekends我的一个朋友在社交网上发布了这张照片。这个大叔一到周末就会在小区里到处卖烧烤,就好像冰淇淋车司机一样。   9.I've carried chalk in my car for 10 months just so I could do this once. Yesterday was the day.10个月来我一直在车里放着一根粉笔,就是为了某天有机会这样做。昨天终于做啦。   10.Today I Am The Airport Hero.今天我是机场英雄!   11.My Professor Showed Up To Our 7:30 Am Final In His Pajamas To Protest Having Finals That Early.我们的教授出现在早上7点半举行的期末考考场,穿着他的睡衣,为的是抗议把期末考试安排得这么早。   (翻译:小木)