Princess Diana's handwritten letter in which she jokes about how she 'wanted a medal' when she turned 30 is set to fetch $1,500 (£1,100) at auction.戴安娜王妃的手写信中曾开玩笑地提起在30岁的时候她“想要一枚奖牌”,这封手写信预计将会拍卖到1500美元(1100英镑)。 In the letter, written in July 1990, Diana thanked fashion designer Bruce Oldfield and his business partner Anita Richardson for a jersey they had sent her for her 29th birthday.在这封写于1990年7月的信中,戴安娜感谢她的时尚设计师Bruce Oldfield和他的商业伙伴Anita Richardson,在她29岁生日时送的一件球衣。 The Princess of Wales enjoyed a close relationship with Oldfield, who often dressed her for glamorous events.威尔士王妃与Oldfield关系亲密,Oldfield经常在重大场合为她盛装打扮。 She even signed off the intimate note to the pair with a smiley face, followed by a kiss.她还画了一张笑脸、一个吻在这封写给这对夫妇的亲昵的信的最后。 In the letter written to Oldfield and Richardson, Diana wrote: 'What a wonderful Jersey I have been given 在写给Oldfield和Richardson信里,戴安娜王妃写到:“我得到了一件多么好看的球衣啊!” 'It was typical of you both to spoil me with one lovely Jersey - is this a new line as I haven't seen this before, or am I just very behind with the times?! “送我一件可爱的球衣,你们两个是要宠坏我吧。这是新款吧?因为我之前从来没见过这个,还是说我已经落后时代啦?! 'However, this comes with much love & endless thanks for helping to make Sunday a positively happy one.'不过,还是要送给你们爱和无尽的感谢,因为你们,这个周日变成了积极快乐的一天。” The thank you note is being sold alongside three Christmas cards sent out by Prince Charles and Diana, featuring sweet family portraits. 这张感谢信连同查尔斯王子和戴安娜王妃送出的三张圣诞贺卡一起出售,卡片上有甜蜜的家庭照片。 The cards, which are being sold online by US-based RR auctions, are expected to sell for $800 (£600) each.  这些卡片,由美国的拍卖行RR Auction在线出售,预期售价为800美元(600英镑)。 Commenting on Diana's thank you note, Bobby Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction, said: 'Princess Diana's handwriting had a beautiful flourish, and her letters - a caring and loving tone.在评论戴安娜的感谢信时,RR拍卖公司的执行副总裁Bobby Livingston说:“戴安娜王妃的笔迹非常漂亮,语句中充满了关爱之情。” (翻译:小半)