Alice Johnson whose life sentence was commuted by President Trump after Kim Kardashian traveled to the White House to plead her case will now meet with the reality TV star.在金·卡戴珊去白宫为爱丽丝·约翰逊的案件辩护后,特朗普总统减免了约翰逊的无期徒刑。如今约翰逊将与这位真人秀明星见面。 The pair have already spoken on the phone after Kim called Johnson in jail to personally deliver news of the President's pardon.她们两人已经通过电话了,之前卡戴珊打电话给还在监狱中的约翰逊,亲自告诉了她“总统赦免她”的消息。 Johnson was jailed for life in 1996 for being part of a cocaine ring, despite having an otherwise clean record and violence not featuring in the case.约翰逊因曾是一个可卡因毒品团伙的一员,于1996年被判处无期徒刑,尽管她没有不良记录,也无暴力行为。 She had applied for clemency during Obama's 2014 push to free non-violent drug offenders from jail, but her application was denied.2014年在奥巴马鼓励释放无暴行的贩毒者的时候,她曾申请宽赦,但她的申请被拒绝了。 Johnson was not the only one celebrating the news, as Kim posted a story about her release with the caption: 'BEST NEWS EVER!!!!'约翰逊并非唯一一个庆祝这一消息的人,卡戴珊也分享了关于她被释放的消息,并配文称:“最好的消息了!!!!” 'So grateful to @realDonaldTrump, Jared Kushner & to everyone who has showed compassion & contributed countless hours to this important moment for Ms. Alice Marie Johnson,' she said in a follow-up message.“非常感激特朗普总统、杰瑞德·库斯纳以及每一位为爱丽丝·玛丽·约翰逊以及这一重要时刻尽心尽力的人,”她在接下来的一则信息中说道。 'Her commutation is inspirational & gives hope to so many others who are also deserving of a second chance.'“她的减刑是鼓舞人心的,而且为那么多也应得到第二次机会的其他人带来了希望。” Trump met with Kardashian last week to discuss Johnson's case in the Oval Office.上周川普在总统办公室接见了卡戴珊,与她探讨了约翰逊的案件。 An official White House statement later said that it was a 'commutation' and that it was being granted because 'Ms. Johnson has accepted responsibility for her past behavior and has been a model prisoner over the past two decades.'之后,白宫的一份官方声明表示,因为“约翰逊女士已为其过去的行为承担了责任,而且在过去的二十多年里一直是一位模范犯人”,所以她被准予“减刑”。 White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and White House counsel Don McGahn are said to have been less than thrilled, however, with the president's recent reprieve .然而,据说白宫参谋长约翰·凯利和白宫法律顾问唐·迈加恩对总统最近颁发的刑罚终止令不太满意。 Both officials are said to have reviewed Johnson's case, which involved drug possession and money laundering, and were not convinced she should be set free.据说他们两人都审核了约翰逊的案件,包括持有毒品及洗钱等犯罪行为,而且他们并不认为她应被释放。 A source said that Trump is 'obsessed' with his almost unchecked ability to issue pardons and could issue a dozen more before the end of the summer. It is said the number he was considering was closer to 30.有消息称,川普“迷上了”颁发赦免令这一几乎还未加约束的权力,而且他可能会在这个夏天结束之前颁发更多赦免令。据说他在考虑颁发的赦免令有近30个。 Trump reportedly thanked Kardashian at the meeting for boosting his popularity with African-Americans, a group that has not strongly supported his presidency.据报道,川普在会面时感谢卡戴珊提高了他在非裔美国人群体中的声望,因为这一群体并没有大力支持他当总统。 Trump received only 8 per cent of African-American vote in 2016, compared to the 88 per cent who supported Hillary Clinton.2016年川普只获得了非裔美国人8%的选票,而88% 的非裔美国人支持希拉里·克林顿。 (翻译:Dlacus)