Kentucky Fried Chicken may just have to change its name to Kentucky Faux Chicken. That's because the fried chicken giant is reportedly testing out–dare I say tasting out–some vegetarian meat alternatives.肯德基的原名可能要从“Kentucky Fried Chicken”改为“Kentucky Faux Chicken”了,据说这家炸鸡巨头现在正在尝试用素食代替肉。 According to FoodBeast, KFC is going to experiment with plant-based fried chicken at some of its U.K. locations. In a statement to the website, KFC said: “once we've perfected the recipe we aim to test with customers this year, and if all goes well, we hope to launch a new vegetarian option in 2019.”媒体FoodBeast报道,肯德基计划在英国部分地区实验素食炸鸡。肯德基在官网上写到:“食谱完善后,我们将于今年向顾客开放试吃。如果没什么问题,2019年肯德基就将开启素食选项。” This is certainly surprising news for a global food chain that's predicated on serving fatty meat.这对致力于高脂肪肉食的全球食品连锁店来说,无疑是个震惊的消息。 Taco Bell, for instance, has long offered beans as a vegetarian filling. Other big chains like Burger King have offered veggie burger alternatives. And most recently Shake Shack has gone beyond its cheese-filled mushroom burger by testing out a new beet-based veggie patty that can be served vegan.墨西哥食品店塔可钟(tacobell)长期以来都在供应豆子作为素食的补充食品,汉堡王这样的大型连锁店也有素食,最近汉堡店Shake Shack也推出了甜菜肉饼,现在它们就有芝士蘑菇汉堡和甜菜肉饼两种素食了。 So maybe this will become the new normal–after decades of vegetarians pleading with these large restaurant chains to offer more veggie-friends options. I'll be sure to try out KFC's new fried chicken as soon as I can get my hands on it. And I'm waiting with bated breath for Panda Express's veggie orange chicken.经过素食主义者长达多年的努力,这些大餐馆这可能会把素食作为常规产品销售。我保证,只要肯德基的素食产品售出,我就去尝尝看。也让我屏息期待美国最大中式快餐熊猫快餐(Panda Express)的素食酸甜橙汁鸡肉吧。 (翻译:阿忙)