The Trump administration has agreed to relax its punishment of Chinese telecom company ZTE, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Thursday.美国商务部长威尔伯·罗斯周四宣布,特朗普政府已经同意放宽对中国电信公司中兴通讯的处罚。 The company will pay a $1 billion fine and fund a new in-house compliance team staffed by U.S. experts, Ross told CNBC.罗斯告诉CNBC(美国全国广播公司财经频道),该公司将支付10亿美元罚金并投资一个由美国专家组成的新的合规监管团队。 The move eases a seven-year ban on ZTE buying American parts, which Commerce levied in April.这一举措缓和了四月商务部禁止中兴向美国购买零部件长达七年的禁令。 At the time, the Chinese government complained that the action could put the company, a major employer and star of the Chinese technology industry, out of business.当时中国政府控诉道,此举可能会使这家公司,也就是中国技术产业的主要雇主和知名公司歇业破产。 “We are literally embedding a compliance department of our choosing into the company to monitor it going forward. They will pay for those people, but the people will report to the new chairman,” Ross said. “This is a pretty strict settlement.” “我们实际上是将我们选择的监管部门嵌入到公司中来监控它的发展。他们会付钱给那些人,但是那些人会向新主席报告,”罗斯说。“这是一个非常严格的解决办法。” The Commerce Department action came after President Trump tweeted last month that he planned to help ZTE because “too many jobs in China” would otherwise be lost.商务部的这项举措是在特朗普总统上个月发推特之后,他说因为“在中国有太多的人失去了工作”,所以他打算帮助中兴通讯。 Reaction Thursday was no warmer.周四反应并不热烈。 “China is eating our lunch, and this president is serving it up to them,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday.“中国正在抢我们的饭碗,而且他们的主席也在给予支持,”众议院少数党领袖南希·佩洛西(加州民主党)周四说。 Under the 23-page definitive agreement announced by Ross, ZTE also is required to change its entire board of directors and executive team within 30 days.根据罗斯公布的23页的最终协议,中兴通讯需要在30天内更换其董事会和管理层。 (翻译:球球)