Of course, there are a lot of things you should do in your 20s.当然,20多岁时需要做的事情很多。 But I always think there are several of them which deserve more priority .不过我一直觉得其中有一些更加优先一些。 And here are the 17 on the top of my list.下面这17条就是我觉得最重要的。 1. Plan what to do.规划要做的事。 2. Have good command over English language.掌握好英语这门语言。 3. Read, read and read.不停地读书。 4. Start reading, fiction, non fiction, science, history, politics etc.开始阅读小说、非小说、科学、历史、政治等等类别的书籍。 5. Start exercising or yoga or start jogging. Have a decent physique.开始运动,或者做瑜伽,或者慢跑。保持好身材。 6. Wake up before sunrise, practice to wake up without alarm.在日出前起床,试着不需要闹钟可以自己起床。 7. Learn to communicate with strangers. Develop the confidence to start a conversation with strangers. Get to know different people around you.学习跟陌生人交流。建立可以与陌生人交谈的自信心。了解你身边不同的人。 8. Quit smoking, alcohol or any other bad habits you have.戒掉烟、酒或者其他不良习惯。 9. Learn how to cook.学会做饭。 10.  Learn to plan your day well. Spend at least 10 mins in the morning and make a list of activities to be done for that particular day.学习规划每一天。在每天早上花上10分钟来对当天的活动做一个列表规划。 11. Learn a foreign language.学习一门外语。 12. Help people who are in need of help.帮助需要帮助的人。 13. Love your parents, love your family. They are the only ones who will love you.爱你的父母,爱你的家人。他们是唯一会一直爱着你的人。 14. Learn to live alone.学会独居。 15. Never be dependent on anybody, for anything. Learn to be independent.不要依赖任何人或者任何事物。学着独立自主。 16. Don't forget to get at least 8 hrs of peaceful sleep among all these activities.不要忘了在活动之后保持八小时以上的充足睡眠。 17. Start meditation, this will keep your mind calm, fresh and active throughout the day.学会冥想,有助于你保持沉着、清醒、积极一整天。