国务院总理李克强5月7日在雅加达东盟秘书处出席中国-东盟建立战略伙伴关系15周年庆祝活动启动仪式并发表主旨讲话。讲话全文如下: 在东盟秘书处的主旨讲话 中华人民共和国国务院总理 李克强 (2018年5月7日,雅加达) Keynote Address by H.E. Li Keqiang Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China At ASEAN Secretariat Jakarta, 7 May 2018 林玉辉秘书长, Dato Lim Jock Hoi, Secretary General of ASEAN, 东盟各国常驻代表, Permanent Representatives to ASEAN, 各位使节, Members of the diplomatic corps, 各位来宾, Distinguished guests, 女士们,先生们: Ladies and Gentlemen, 很高兴到访东盟秘书处。刚才我一进入秘书处庭院,就看到东盟国家的旗帜迎风飘扬,立即感受到了东盟的团结与活力。东盟秘书处作为东盟常设机构,为推动东盟共同体建设和东盟对外交流合作发挥了重要作用。我谨代表中国政府,向东盟秘书处各位同事,各位使节,来自智库和媒体的朋友,以及所有关心支持中国-东盟友好合作的人士致以诚挚的问候和良好的祝愿! It gives me great pleasure to visit the ASEAN Secretariat. The first thing I saw upon entering the Secretariat court was the billowing national flags of the ASEAN member states. For me that is a powerful symbol of the unity and vibrancy of ASEAN as an organization. As ASEAN’s permanent institution, the Secretariat has played an important role in promoting ASEAN community building and ASEAN’s exchange and cooperation with the rest of the world. Let me extend, on behalf of the Chinese government, warm greetings and best wishes to all colleagues of the Secretariat, to the diplomatic envoys, to friends from the think tanks and media, and to all those who have cared for and supported the friendship and cooperation between China and ASEAN. 东盟是世界上最成功的区域合作组织之一,去年刚刚庆祝了“金禧年”。半个世纪以来,东盟国家锐意进取,团结协作,成功将饱受战乱和贫穷之苦的东南亚转变为和平、稳定、发展的绿洲,建成亚洲第一个次区域共同体,形成以东盟为中心的区域合作架构,使东盟成为维护地区和平稳定、促进区域一体化和世界多极化的重要力量。东盟的发展壮大体现了十国的团结、韧性、活力和力量。我对东盟的非凡成就感到钦佩,对东盟的光明前景充满信心! Celebrating its golden jubilee last year, ASEAN has been one of the most successful organizations of regional cooperation. With united and pioneering efforts over the past half a century, ASEAN countries have lifted Southeast Asia from the woes of conflict and poverty, and turned the sub-region into a land of peace, stability and development. You have established the first sub-regional community in Asia. You succeeded in setting up an ASEAN-led regional cooperation architecture and making ASEAN an important player in upholding regional peace and stability, advancing regional integration and promoting world multi-polarity. ASEAN’s progress is a testament to the unity, resilience, vitality and strength of its ten members. I admire the extraordinary achievements ASEAN has made and I am fully confident that ASEAN enjoys an even brighter future. 中国和东盟山水相连,是好邻居、好朋友、好伙伴。中国-东盟合作的重要性已超越双边范畴,日益成为维护地区和平稳定、促进区域共同繁荣的支撑和引擎。中国始终把东盟作为周边外交优先方向,坚定发展同东盟的友好合作,支持东盟共同体建设,支持东盟在区域合作中的中心地位,支持东盟在构建开放包容的地区架构中发挥更大作用。今年是中国-东盟建立战略伙伴关系15周年。15年来,我们讲信修睦、安危与共,携手应对国际金融危机,成功抗击重大自然灾害,维护了地区和平、发展与繁荣。我们聚焦民生、深化合作,共建“一带一路”,深化人文交流,造福了地区国家和人民。 Linked by mountains and rivers, China and ASEAN are good neighbors, good friends and good partners. Our cooperation has gone far beyond the bilateral scope and has become an important force for promoting peace, stability and common prosperity in our region. Taking ASEAN as a high priority in its neighborhood diplomacy, China has been committed to growing friendship and cooperation with ASEAN, and supported ASEAN community building and ASEAN centrality in regional cooperation. China supports ASEAN in playing an even bigger role in developing an open and inclusive regional architecture.This year marks the 15th anniversary of the China-ASEAN strategic partnership. In the past 15 years, we have nurtured good-neighborly relations and built mutual trust. We stood side by side during challenging times, such as the global financial crisis and major natural disasters, and made tireless efforts to promote regional peace and common prosperity. By deepening cooperation with a people-centered approach, we have worked together to develop the Belt and Road Initiative and enhance people-to-people exchange, delivering real benefits to the countries and peoples in the region. 各位来宾, Distinguished guests, 今年是中国改革开放40周年,也是东盟第二个50年的起步之年。在改革开放和东盟一体化进程中,中国和东盟国家共同成长,携手走上发展与繁荣之路。上个月,习近平主席在博鳌亚洲论坛2018年年会上发表主旨演讲,提出共创未来新主张,宣布扩大开放新举措。中国的发展将为世界带来新的更大机遇,东盟国家作为近邻可谓近水楼台,将更早更多地从中受益。中国欢迎东盟国家搭乘中国经济发展的快车,愿与东盟建设更为紧密的命运共同体,共塑中国-东盟合作新未来。 This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up policy. It is also the start of the next fifty years of ASEAN. In the course of China’s reform and opening-up and ASEAN integration, China and ASEAN countries have developed side by side and together embarked on a path of growth and prosperity. In his keynote speech at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference held last month, President Xi Jinping put forward the vision for building a shared future and set out a series of new measures China will take for wider opening-up. China’s development will bring greater opportunities to the world, and ASEAN countries as China’s close neighbors stand to benefit more and earlier from these opportunities. We welcome ASEAN countries to get on-board the fast train of China’s development and wishes to work with ASEAN to build a closer community with a shared future and a better tomorrow for China-ASEAN cooperation. 中国愿做共同发展的伙伴。中国愿将自身发展融于东亚整体发展之中,与东盟积极落实“3+X合作框架”,加强“一带一路”倡议与东盟发展战略的对接,建设澜沧江-湄公河流域经济发展带,提升同东盟东部增长区合作,兼顾区域和次区域发展,增强地区竞争力,提高民众的获得感和幸福感。 China is committed to be ASEAN’s partner for common development. China will pursue its own development in the broader context of a developing Asia. We will work with ASEAN to fully implement the “3+X” cooperation framework, enhance the synergy between the Belt and Road Initiative and ASEAN’s development strategies, build the economic belt in the Lancang-Mekong region, and upgrade cooperation with BIMP-EAGA. We will work to advance development at both regional and sub-regional levels to bolster regional competitiveness and deliver a more fulfilling and happy life for our peoples. 中国愿做共建和平的伙伴。中方倡导共同、综合、合作、可持续的新安全观,愿与地区国家以国际法和规则为基础,打造以东盟为中心、开放包容的亚太安全架构。中方愿与东盟国家维护南海积极向好局面,通过友好协商妥处分歧,稳步推进“南海行为准则”磋商,将南海打造成为和平之海、友谊之海、合作之海。 China is committed to be your partner for peace. China advocates a new vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security. We are ready to work with countries in the region to build an ASEAN-centered, open and inclusive security architecture in the Asia Pacific on the basis of international law and rules. China will work with ASEAN countries to preserve the positive trend in the South China Sea, properly manage differences through amicable dialogue and steadily advance COC consultations to build the South China Sea into a sea of peace, friendship and cooperation. 中国愿做开放共赢的伙伴。中国和东盟各国都是自由贸易的受益者,维护多边主义和国际贸易体系符合我们的共同利益。中国愿与东盟共同推动早日达成“区域全面经济伙伴关系协定”,建设东亚经济共同体,促进贸易和投资自由化便利化,为世界经济注入正能量。 China is committed to be your partner for greater openness and win-win progress. Both China and ASEAN countries have benefited from free trade, and it is hence in our common interests to uphold multilateralism and the international trading system. China is ready to work with ASEAN to reach early conclusion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), build toward the East Asia economic community and promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation to inject positive energy into the world economy. 中国愿做开拓创新的伙伴。创新是引领发展的第一动力。今年是中国-东盟创新年,与东盟主题“韧性和创新”高度契合。中方愿与东盟抓住新一轮科技和产业革命带来的机遇,在创新领域加强发展战略对接,在东盟推广“互联网+”、“大众创业、万众创新”经验,激发经贸合作新动力,建设创新发展新高地。 China is committed to be your partner for entrepreneurship and innovation. Innovation is the primary engine for development. This year is the China-ASEAN Innovation Year, which dovetails with the ASEAN theme of “Resilience and Innovation”. China will work with ASEAN to seize the opportunities in the new round of technological and industrial revolution and synergize our development initiatives in innovation. We are also ready to share the Chinese experience on the Internet Plus model and the massive entrepreneurship and innovation initiative. These efforts will lend fresh impetus to our business cooperation and innovation-driven development. 中国愿做包容互鉴的伙伴。东盟是多民族、多文化和谐共处的榜样。中方倡导的和平共处五项原则与协商一致、照顾彼此舒适度的“东盟方式”相互呼应。中方将继续尊重东盟各国的国情和发展道路,与东盟国家加强治国理政、发展理念、社会文化等各方面交流,合力打造“互信、互谅、互利、互助”的中国-东盟合作精神。 China is committed to be your partner in promoting inclusiveness and mutual learning. ASEAN offers a good example of different ethnic groups and cultures living side by side with each other. The Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence China advocates resonates with the ASEAN Way of consensus building and accommodating each other’s comfort levels. China will continue to respect the national conditions and development paths of ASEAN countries, and enhance our exchanges in governance, development philosophy, society and culture to jointly foster a spirit of China-ASEAN cooperation characterized by mutual trust, mutual accommodation, mutual benefit and mutual assistance. 各位来宾, Distinguished guests, 敢于梦想才有希望,乐于分享才有未来。中方愿与东盟联通梦想,分享机遇,砥砺前行,共同谱写中国-东盟合作新篇章,向世界奉献一个崭新的“亚洲奇迹”! There is hope when we dare to dream, and there is a future if we care to share. Let us forge ahead by connecting our dreams and sharing opportunities. Together, we can write a new chapter of China-ASEAN cooperation and bring to the world a new Asian miracle. 谢谢。 Thank you. (来源:中国政府网,编辑:Helen)