What has been your best career decision(s)?你职业生涯中最明智的一个决定是什么?   获得416.2k好评的回答@Anonymous: After moving out of college as a fresh engineering graduate, I got cheated by a fake software company. I had paid 30k to get that fake job! :( The worst part was my mother had sold her anklets to arrange that money. In fact she was very happy to give me the money as she believed that I became a software engineer(She never went to school).我大学毕业以后还是个工科新毕业生时被一家假软件公司骗了,我为这份假工作花了三万!最糟糕的是我妈妈为了筹钱把她的脚镯卖了。给我这笔钱她真的很开心,她以为我当上了软件工程师(她没上过学)。 I couldn't share this story with my mother and joined an international BPO in bangalore to earn bread and butter and worked here for 6 months. I didn't tell my mother that I lost money and joined a BPO as I didn't want to break her heart. I lied to her that I'm doing good at my work. 15k was my monthly salary in BPO and I was in my comfort zone. Also I had already lost all hopes in software job.这件事我不能跟妈妈说,我进了班加罗尔一家国际外包公司以维持生计,在那儿工作了6个月。我没有告诉妈妈我损失了钱还进了一家外包公司,因为我不想让她伤心,我骗她说工作做得很好。在外包公司我月薪1万5,一切都很好,而且我已经对软件工作不抱任何希望了。 At that point of time, one of my college friends told me about this small start up software company located in Yelahanka. I visited this start up the next day itself and agreed for below terms and conditions:就在这时,我一个大学时的朋友跟我说了这家位于Yelahanka新开的小软件公司。第二天我去这家新开的公司实地考察,同意了以下条款和条件: ●No salary for 3 months●前3个月零工资 ●You will be paid 5k INR as salary after 3 months●3个月后工资5千卢比 ●1.5 years bond●一年半的债券 I grabbed this opportunity without any second thought. I started working as a software developer. As my performance was good, after 6 months I was offered 20k INR per month(it was huge for me) and was sent to a client location to work.我毫不犹豫地抓住了这个机会,当上了一名软件开发员。由于工作出色,6个月后我月薪涨到2万(对我来说工资太高了),我被派到一个客户业务区工作。 Fast forward 3 years, I’m working in one of the big IT giants in the world and 58k INR is my take home.三年很快过去了,我现在就职于一家世界IT巨头公司,税后月薪5万8。 Finally I made it! I made her dream come true. I never shared this story with her till now. And yes! I gifted her new pair of anklets and bangles too also I have started construction of new house in my village. She is super happy now.最终我做到了!我实现了她的梦想,但直到现在都没跟她坦白。是的!我送给她一对新脚镯和手镯,也开始在村里盖新房,她现在特别开心。 Coming out of my comfort zone and joining the start up without considering the salary, company reputation and other benefits was my best career decision :)从安逸中走出来,丝毫没考虑工资、公司名声和其他好处就加入这家新开的公司就是我最好的职业决定。   (翻译:菲菲)