9 Killer Excuses, For Introvert People9句超好用的大招,送给内向的人   Number 1:大招一: Please go away. I'm introverting.请走开,我忙着内向呢。   Number 2:大招二: I would rather be at home with my cat.我更愿意待在家里陪我的猫。   Number 3:大招三: I came. I saw. And I want to go home.我来。我看。然后我想回家了。   Number 4:大招四: Sorry I'm late. I don't want to come.抱歉,我来晚了,因为我并不想来。   Number 5:大招五: Sorry I can't. I already filled my people quota for today.抱歉,不行。我今天的社交槽已用完。   Number 6:大招六: I can't go, because I don't want to.我去不了,因为我并不想去。   Number 7:大招七: I don't hate people. I just feel better when they're not around.我不恨你们,我就是不喜欢和别人待在一起。   Number 8:大招八: Books are better than people.书比人好用。   Number 9:大招九: I party like an introvert, which is to say...... I don't.我用内向人的方式轰趴,意思就是……我不轰。