Cambridge Analytica, the political consulting firm at the centre of a storm around misuse of Facebook user data, is shutting down and has filed for bankruptcy.政治咨询公司剑桥分析公司因盗用脸书用户信息而处于风暴之中,如今该公司已停业并提交了破产申请。 The Company has filed applications to begin insolvency proceedings in the UK, Cambridge Analytica said in a statement.公司已经在英国申请进入破产保护程序,剑桥分析公司在一份声明中说道。 The statement also pushed back against widespread allegations that the company had improperly obtained Facebook user data to craft targeted advertisements, saying it “has been the subject of numerous unfounded accusations and, despite the Company’s efforts to correct the record, has been vilified for activities that are not only legal, but also widely accepted as a standard component of online advertising in both the political and commercial arenas”.大量指控称该公司不正当地获取了脸书用户信息并制作有针对性的广告,而该声明否认了这一指控并表示,“剑桥分析公司已成为众多无端指责的对象。虽然公司努力弥补,但它已被诽谤在政治和商业领域从事非法且被广泛认为是在线广告的商业活动。” The company, which was retained by Donald Trump's presidential campaign, has come under tremendous pressure after it was revealed to have obtained data associated with up to 87 million Facebook users.该公司在唐纳德·特朗普竞选总统期间被聘用,它获取了多达8700万名脸书用户的信息,在该事实被揭露之后,它承担了巨大的压力。 Seeking to contain a crisis, Facebook executives have repeatedly faulted Cambridge Analytica and researcher Aleksander Kogan for the data transfer.为了遏制危机,脸书公司的管理人员就数据传输问题而不断指责剑桥分析公司和研究员亚历山大·高根。 Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica soon after reports revealed the consulting firm had obtained a vast repository of user data.剑桥分析公司刚被曝出获取并储存了大量脸书用户信息,脸书公司就暂时取消了该咨询公司的服务。 Political scrutiny of Cambridge Analytica spread to both sides of the Atlantic, with whistleblower Christopher Wylie alleging that a Canadian business tied to Cambridge Analytica’s parent company SCL Group, AggregateIQ, worked for the official pro-Brexit campaign.剑桥分析公司的政治监视还蔓延至大西洋两岸,检举者克里斯多夫·怀利宣称,一家与剑桥分析公司的母公司SCL集团有关的加拿大企业AggregateIQ公司参与支持了英国脱欧的官方运动。 UK politicians have published documents showing that Cambridge Analytica had a tentative agreement to work with pro-Brexit group Leave.EU, and a former Cambridge Analytica employee said that the company had partnered with the campaign.英国政客公布的文件指明,剑桥分析公司与英国脱欧支持团队Leave. EU(脱离欧盟)有暂定协议,而且剑桥分析公司的一位前员工表示,该公司参与了英国脱欧运动。 (翻译:Dlacus)