William and Kate's third child was born at the private maternity unit of St Mary's Hospital, Paddington on Monday April 23 at 11.01am, weighing 8lbs 7oz.威廉和凯特的第三个孩子于4月23日星期一上午11时01分在帕丁顿圣玛丽医院的私人产科病房出生,体重8磅7盎司。 Prince Louis was born just eight days ago, and he's already one of the most popular babies of 2018, next to all the Kardashian/Jenner babies, that is.路易斯王子出生于8天前,他已经是2018年最受欢迎的婴儿之一,仅次于卡戴珊/詹纳的婴儿。 But one thing that sets him apart from all the new little ones is his parents' line of work.但有一件事让他与众不同,那就是他父母的工作。 Louis' birth certificate was released today, and under the mother and father's occupations, William and Kate listed "Prince of the United Kingdom" and "Princess of the United Kingdom."路易斯的出生证明于今天公布,在母亲和父亲的职业一栏中,威廉和凯特写的是“英国王子”和“英国王妃”。 The title Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is typically granted to the sons and grandsons of a reigning monarch—so, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry all hold this title.大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国的王子通常被授予给在位君主的儿子和孙子,因此查尔斯王子、威廉王子和哈里王子都拥有这个头衔。 The title of princess was originally withheld from the wife of a British prince, however, the Queen changed this rule in 2012 to allow Kate to have the title alongside William.王妃的头衔最初是并不是给英国王子的妻子,然而,女王在2012年改变了这一规定,允许凯特和威廉一起拥有这个头衔。 Before marrying into the royal family, Kate worked as an accessory buyer for the British retailer Jigsaw—which is obviously a very different job than being a Princess.在嫁给皇室之前,凯特曾是英国零售商jigsawa的一名配件采购员,这显然是一份不同于王妃的工作。 (翻译:小半)