It's hard to imagine our favorite stars having a life before they were famous, but in actuality, there was a time when they were just like us. Many of today's famous stars started out being slightly famous in the halls of their high schools – as cheerleaders. However, there are also famous actresses and models and other ladies who began their lives in the spotlight under the glaring lights of the football fields back home. Here's a look at some famous celebrities who were cheerleaders before they were national or international stars. 很难想象我们最喜欢的明星在成名前有过什么生活,但事实上,他们和我们一样。今天许多著名的明星在他们高中的大厅里开始崭露头角——啦啦队员。然而,也有一些著名的女演员、模特和其他的女士,她们开始在聚光灯下生活在聚光灯下,在家乡的足球场上。以下是一些著名的名人,他们是国家或国际明星之前的啦啦队长。

10. Fergie.


Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders
Fergie wears a ton of makeup and hides behind some really ridiculous outfits, but she's actually got an all-American sweetheart kind of look. From 1984 to 1989, she starred on the TV show Kids Incorporated. All that time, she was a cheerleader, straight-A student, and spelling bee champion, as well as a Girl Scout.

9. Halle Berry.


Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders
Halle Berry, known as much for her smarts as she is known for her good looks. She is an example of just such an actress who was also a cheerleader in high school. In the pic, It looks like Halle Berry had some real team spirit back in high school. However, cheerleading was just one of the many hats she wore during her younger years – she was also class president and a member of the honor society.

8. Cameron Diaz.


Hollywood Cheerleader Actress
This star of many movies including such flicks as There's Something About Mary is a star with the kind of good looks that are stereotypical of a high school cheerleader. She is leggy and blonde with blue eyes and a great smile. And she surely did fine for herself in high school as a California cheerleader.

7. Ann-Margret.


Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders
Going back in time a little bit, here's another actress who was a cheerleader before she was a super star on the silver screen. The Swedish-American actress, singer, and dancer, Ann-Margret was a cheerleader at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois.

6. Lindsay Lohan.


Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders
The superb Hollywood star, Lindsay Lohan, began her career as a child fashion model when she was three. She was a cheerleader before she was a Hollywood star. She donned a cheerleading outfit again last year when performing for Ugly Betty.
好莱坞著名影星林赛•罗韩(Lindsay Lohan)三岁时就开始了她的儿童时装模特生涯。在成为好莱坞明星之前,她是一位啦啦队长。去年,她在为《丑女贝蒂》表演时,再次穿上了啦啦队的服装。

4. Alicia Silverstone.


Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders
Alicia Silverstone, the actress known for beauty queen roles such as playing the girl in Clueless, is someone who also used to be a cheerleader before heading to Hollywood.
艾丽西亚·西尔弗斯通(Alicia Silverstone)是著名的女演员,她在出演《独白》(Clueless)中饰演的女孩,她在去好莱坞之前也曾是啦啦队长。

5. Jessica Simpson.


Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders
Is it any surprise that this famous gal was a cheerleader? That's the rumor anyway. Before she dated Dallas Cowboys star Tony Romo, Jessica had plenty of experience cheering on football players. She attended Richardson North Junior High in Richardson, Texas, where she was a cheerleader and a part of the co-ed choir. She never graduated, but dropped out and earned a GED.

3. Madonna.


Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders
A stunning singer-songwriter, actress, author, director, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Madonna, who is known as much for her dance abilities as she is for the sound of her voice. Madonna is a stunner on the stage. Much of her moves are original but she learned the basics from the choreography of cheerleading, a sport she participated in while she was attending the University of Washington.

2. Jennifer Lawrence.


Jennifer Lawrence As A High School Cheer
One of the 100 most influential people in the world, voted the most desirable woman, Jennifer Lawrence, known to her friends and family as “Jen”, was discovered in New York City at the age of 14. Before Jennifer became an actor, she was involved in cheer-leading, field hockey, softball, and modeling, none of which she held a passion for.

1. Megan Fox.


Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders
Sexy Megan Fox jennifers body cheerleader
Megan Fox jennifers body cheerleader
Megan Fox as cheerleader
Celebrities Who Were Cheerleaders
Megan Fox: So gorgeous, hot and sexy bombshell, and yet married to Brian Austin Green.
Before she was deemed one of Hollywood's hottest female actresses, she was just a normal teenage girl. She attended high school at the Morningside Academy in Port Saint Luci, FL and was even a member of the varsity cheerleading team.
梅根·福克斯:性感、性感、性感,但却嫁给了布莱恩·奥斯丁·格林。 在她被认为是好莱坞最炙手可热的女演员之前,她只是一个普通的少女。她曾就读于圣露西港的晨边学院,甚至是校队啦啦队的一员。 Anyway, she takes the top spot because she was almost as hot when she was a cheerleader as she is today. And that's rare. 无论如何,她占据了榜首,因为当她还是一个啦啦队队长的时候,她几乎和今天一样性感。这是罕见的。