【AP一分钟】美司法部欲取消阿拉巴马新移民法(视频) This is AP News Minute. The latest jobs report has come in better than expected. Figures show the nation added 103,000 jobs in September. However, the unemployment rate remains unchanged. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney says he'll boost the military if he is in office. In his first foreign policy speech as a candidate, he called this “a century for American dominances.” The Justice Department is asking a federal appeals court to block Alabama's top new immigration law. The motion says the law invites discrimination and that it merely forces illegal immigrants into neighboring states. President Barack Obama is giving out some long overdue prays. He has invited the 1985 Superbowl champaign Chicago Bears to the White House. The team never got to make its traditional presidential visit back then as it was cancelled following the space shuttle Challenger disaster. Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press with AP News Minute. 点击进入参与AP一分钟时事>>> 【AP一分钟】美司法部欲取消阿拉巴马新移民法(视频) 声明:音视频均来自互联网链接,仅供学习使用。本网站自身不存储、控制、修改被链接的内容。"爱思英语"高度重视知识产权保护。当如发现本网站发布的信息包含有侵犯其著作权的链接内容时,请联系我们,我们将依法采取措施移除相关内容或屏蔽相关链接。