What psychological tricks and hacks are useful to know?了解什么心理学的小窍门很有用?   获得381.4k好评的回答@Dhara Sonawane: ●If someone gives you an unsatisfactory answer to a question, stay quiet and keep eye contact and they’ll usually feel pressured to keep talking and reveal more.●如果有人对某个问题的回答你不满意,你不要说话,保持眼神接触,他们通常就能感受到你施加的压力,会继续说下去,并多表达出一些想法。 ●If you feel someone is looking at you, try yawning and look around. If they yawn, you know they were looking at you.●如果你感觉某个人正在看你,你可以打个哈欠,看过去,如果那个人也打哈欠,你就知道的确是在看你了。 ●The best moments of the life, don't make it to social media.●生活中最美好的时刻不要发到社交媒体上。 ●If you want your friend to carry something, just keep talking to them while handing them the bag. Most people will automatically take the bag without thinking.●如果你想让朋友拿东西,把包递过去时一直跟他们说话,大部分人会想都不想自动把包接过去。 ●Have a makeover after end of relationship. And show off the new you.●结束一段恋情后要改头换面,展现出全新的你。 ●Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that's the one that is going to help you grow.-Caroline Myss.●总要选择你最怕的选项,那才是真正有助于你成长的。-Caroline Myss ●Pretending not to care is the habit of someone who generally cares the most.●通常最在乎的人习惯假装不在乎。 ●The truth will never be more painful than discovering a lie.●发现谎言永远比真相更令人痛心。 ●Writing down negative thoughts and tossing them in a trash can is a psychological trick to improve your mood.●写下消极的想法,然后扔进垃圾桶,这是改善心情的心理学小窍门。 ●Being unable to get someone off your mind indicates that you are also on that person's mind.●不能把某个人清除出你的思想表明你也在那个人心上。 ●Intelligent people tend to have less friends than the average person. The smarter you are, the more selective you become.●智慧的人会比普通人朋友少,你越聪明,就越挑剔。 ●If someone can’t cry, he/she is weak.●不会哭的都是弱者。 ●Your favorite song is probably favorite because you associate with an emotional event of your life.●某一首歌能成为你的最爱可能是因为你把它和你生活中某个情绪事件联系起来了。 ●The person on your mind while you're unable to sleep is usually the person responsible for your happiness, pain.●失眠时想到的人通常控制着你的快乐、痛苦。 ●You appear more attractive to the other person when you make them smile or laugh.●你让别人微笑或大笑时会更有魅力。 ●Women are likely to ask questions to things that they already know answers to. Be honest.●女性可能会问她们已经知道答案的问题,所以你要诚实。 ●The two most effective treatments for battling depression are exercise and spending time with the pets.●战胜忧愁的两个最有效方法是锻炼和与宠物为伴。 ●When your mood goes from happy to sad, most of the time; it’s because you're missing someone.●情绪从喜变忧时,大多数情况下都是因为你在思念某个人。 ●The reason reverse psychology works, it because people don't like being told what to do.●逆反心理学很有效是因为人们都不喜欢别人告诉他们该做什么。 ●When person cries and the first drop comes out of the right eye, its Happiness. Left eyes is pain. But both indicate frustration.●人们哭的时候,如果第一滴眼泪从右眼掉出来,那就是幸福的眼泪,左眼流出第一滴泪就是痛苦的眼泪,两边一起流说明受挫了。   (翻译:菲菲)