OK, I wasn’t fired but this is how it went.好吧,我不是被炒鱿鱼了,事情是这样的。 Back in 2005, I had just started working and was almost at my peak of being a ladies man (or so i thought). Always spotted with a different girl (or so people perceived). I was an associate and kinda developed a crush on this manager. She seemed nice and the usual.2005年的时候,我刚开始工作,当时是我作为大众情人的巅峰时期(至少我是这么想的)。人们总是看见我和不同的女孩在一起(至少他们是这么想的)。我当时是个准合伙人,并且有点暗恋我的经理。她则表现得很友好、很正常。 Long story short I asked her out and it worked. (Story for another day).长话短说,我约她出去了,而且成功了。(详细故事改天讲) We seemed to be pretty fond of each other and hung out quite a lot. In and out of office. Later on, during one of her 1-on-1s with her manager, he suggested her to stop hanging out with me. You know ‘perception is reality’ kinda stuff. That hanging out with a younger and reckless guy like me would be a career liming move for her.我们互相挺喜欢的,经常在一起,不管是在工作中还是工作外。后来,再一次她和她的经历单独面谈的时候,她的经理暗示她不要在和我呆在一起了。你们懂的,“三人成虎”一类的事。和我这么一个愣头青搅在一起,可能会把她的整个事业给搅黄了。 She didn’t listen and shared this with me right after her meeting. And of course I felt bad. But not hurt.不过她没听,还在会议结束后把这件事告诉了我。 We dated for a while and eventually broke up. For some other reasons. Mostly petty.我们还是继续约会了一段时间,但是最后分手了。不过,是因为其他一些原因。挺遗憾的。 Fast forward 11 years, I join a new company as a Sr. Manager and word kinda spread about me. Mostly superficial- based on my looks and age.11年过去之后,我以高级经理的角色加入了一家新公司,结果身边出现了各种关于我的流言蜚语。主要就是些关于我外貌和年龄的话。 By the end of first week, a guy walks up to my cabin and greets me with a ‘bhai’ after my name. I look at him baffled. It’s the same manager who my ex reported to all those years ago. We shake hands and talk for a while.第一周快结束的时候,一个人走进了我的办公室,他叫我名字的时候还在后面加了个“伙计”(巴基斯坦话)。我不解地看了过去,发现他正式那好几年前我前女友的上司。我们握了手,然后谈了好一会儿。 He then said ‘You have now become my manager. You have come a long way.’然后他说:“你现在已经变成我的经理了。你这进步够大的。” It was quite a moment. Mixed emotions. But I was proud of myself more than anything. Proud that I worked hard and earned my respect.这真是神奇的一刻。百感交集。不过我挺为自己感到自豪的,因为我用自己的努力换来了尊重。   (翻译:能猫)