中共对美国征收30亿美元的出口关税China is showing the United States that it will make good on its trade threats.中国正在向美国表明,它将在贸易威胁方面发挥良好的作用。The Chinese government said that tariffs on about $3 billion worth of US imports are going into effect Monday, hitting 128 products ranging from pork, meat and fruit to steel pipes.中国政府表示,对价值约30亿美元的美国进口商品的关税将于周一生效,涉及从猪肉、肉类、水果到钢管等128种产品。It's the latest move in escalating tensions between the world's two largest economies, which some experts fear could turn into a trade war.这是两大经济体之间紧张局势升级的最新进展,有些专家担心这可能演变为贸易战争。Beijing says the new sanctions on 128 US products, which it first proposed 10 days ago, are in response to President Donald Trump's tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from China and some other countries.中国对128个美国产品的制裁,是在10天前提出的,这是对唐纳德特朗特对中国和某些其他国家的钢材和铝进口关税的回应。But Trump also has more measures in the works aimed specifically at China. He has announced plans to slap tariffs on about $50 billion worth of Chinese goods following an investigation by his administration into the theft of intellectual property from US companies.但特朗普也有更多针对中国的措施。在他的政府对美国企业窃取知识产权进行调查后,他宣布了对价值约500亿美元的中国商品征收关税的计划。The administration has said those tariffs will punish the Chinese aerospace, technology and machinery industries, but it hasn't announced which specific products will be hit.奥巴马政府曾表示,这些关税将惩罚中国的航空航天、技术和机械行业,但尚未宣布将受到哪些具体产品的冲击。The tariffs also won't take effect right away. A US fact sheet says the administration will take public comments for 30 days on the proposed action. US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told CNBC last week that the public comment period would be 60 days.关税也不会立即生效。美国一份简报说,政府将在30天内就提议的行动发表公开评论。美国贸易代表罗伯特•莱特希泽(Robert Lighthizer)上周对CNBC表示,公众评议期将是60天。In the meantime, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said the United States and China are talking behind the scenes in hopes of preventing an escalation.与此同时,美国财政部长史蒂芬·姆钦(Steven Mnuchin)表示,美国和中国正在幕后讨论防止事态升级的希望。It's unclear how China would respond to those aggressive measures. For now, Beijing is focusing on its response to the steel and aluminum tariffs.目前尚不清楚中国如何应对这些侵略措施。就目前而言,中国政府正聚焦于其对钢铁和铝关税的回应。China's commerce and finance ministries said in statements late Sunday that authorities are imposing tariffs of 15% on 120 American products — such as fruits, nuts, wine and steel pipes — and 25% on eight other products, including pork and recycled aluminum.中国商务部和财政部周日晚间发表声明说,有关部门对120种美国产品(如水果、坚果、葡萄酒和钢管)征收15%的关税,并对其他8种产品征收25%的关税,包括猪肉和回收铝。Those products make up just a tiny portion of the hundreds of billions of dollars of goods shipped between the two countries each year. But the tariffs are alarming news for the affected industries.这些产品仅占两国每年运输的数千亿美元货物的一小部分。但这些关税对受影响的行业来说是一个令人震惊的消息。The US National Pork Producers Council warned last month that the measures would "have a significant negative impact on rural America." It said the US pork industry sold $1.1 billion worth of products to China last year, making it the third largest export market.美国国家猪肉生产商委员会上个月警告说,这些措施将会对美国的农村造成严重的负面影响.该公司表示,去年美国猪肉行业向中国销售了价值11亿美元的产品,使其成为第三大出口市场。China is upset that Trump imposed the steel and aluminum tariffs on the grounds of national security, which Beijing says is an abuse of global trade rules.中国不满特朗普以国家安全为由对钢铁和铝征收关税,中国政府称这是对全球贸易规则的滥用。Since first announcing the metal tariffs, the White House has said it will spare a number of allies from the measures, including Canada, Mexico, the European Union and South Korea.从一开始宣布金属关税开始,白宫就说它会让一些盟友免受制裁,包括加拿大,墨西哥,欧盟和韩国。China's Ministry of Commerce said in its statement late Sunday that those exemptions "seriously violate" World Trade Organization rules that prohibit members from discriminating against other WTO members.中国商务部周日晚间发表声明说,这些豁免“严重违反”世界贸易组织规则,禁止成员国歧视其他WTO成员。It said it hoped the US government would withdraw the tariffs "as soon as possible so that the trading of products between China and the United States will return to a normal track."它说希望美国政府能尽快收回关税,这样中国和美国之间的产品交易就会回到正常的轨道上China has repeatedly said that it doesn't want a trade war but has also warned that it will take "firm and necessary" countermeasures to defend its interests.中国曾多次表示不希望发生贸易战,但也警告称,中国将采取“坚定而必要的”反措施来捍卫自己的利益。In an opinion article Monday, China's official news agency Xinhua warned that Trump's plans to impose further trade measures on China are a "self-defeating gamble" that will cause harm to the American economy.在周一的一篇评论文章中,中国官方新闻机构新华社警告称,特朗普对中国采取进一步贸易措施的计划是一场“自我挫败的赌博”,将对美国经济造成损害。"Trump's planned tariffs are not only going to hamper the United States' economic well-being and continued progress, and burden its people with higher costs of living, but also pose a grave threat to the current global trading system," the article said."特朗普的计划关税不仅会阻碍美国的经济繁荣和持续的发展,还会给它的人民带来更大的生活成本,但同时也对当前的全球贸易体系构成了严重威胁,"这篇文章说。Trump has long accused Beijing of stealing American jobs through unfair trade practices. He has promised to bring down the United States' huge trade deficit in goods with China, which reached $375 billion last year. But economists have cautioned that tariffs are unlikely to achieve that goal and risk hurting economic growth instead.特朗普长期以来一直指责北京通过不公平的贸易手段窃取美国的就业机会。他承诺要降低美国与中国的商品贸易逆差,去年中国的贸易逆差达到了3750亿美元。但经济学家警告称,关税不太可能实现这一目标,反而有可能损害经济增长。So far, though, neither side is backing down.但到目前为止,双方都没有让步。Experts say they expect further retaliation from China once the Trump administration reveals more details on which products its planned $50 billion in tariffs will target.专家表示,一旦特朗普政府公布了其计划的500亿美元关税目标的更多细节,他们预计中国会进一步采取报复行动。Arthur Kroeber, a founding partner at economic research firm Gavekal, predicted in a note to clients late last month that the next round of Chinese measures will focus on US agricultural exports from predominantly Trump-voting states.经济研究公司Gavekal的创始合伙人Arthur Kroeber上月晚些时候在一份给客户的报告中预测,下一轮的中国措施将把重点放在美国的农业出口上,主要来自于特朗普投票的国家。China's approach is to show it's willing to stand up to the United States but without going as far as seriously disrupting the global trading system, according to Kroeber.Arthur Kroeber表示,中国的做法是表明,它愿意与美国对抗,但不会严重破坏全球贸易体系。China wants "to position itself as the good guy in the global economy, protecting the rules of the game from Trump's lawless attacks," he wrote.他写道,中国希望“把自己定位为全球经济中的良好推动者,保护游戏规则不受特朗普无法无天的攻击”。