Chicken has now managed to survive for more than a week after losing its head鸡在失去头部后,已经存活了一个多星期。The chicken in Mueang Ratchaburi in Thailand has now been adopted by monks泰国曼叻的鸡被僧侣们收养。Despite having no head, the animal is still alive and has been hailed a 'warrior'尽管没有头,但这只动物仍然活着,被誉为“勇士”The kindly monks are from a temple in near to where the chicken was first found慈祥的僧侣们来自靠近鸡的地方的一座寺庙。

The headless chicken that found internet fame for surviving more than a week after being decapitated has now been adopted by monks.这只无头鸡在被斩首后存活了一个多星期,现在已经被僧侣们收养。Earlier this week the headless chicken made headlines around the world as it survived a beheading and was looked after by a kindly vet.本周早些时候,这只无头鸡在世界各地的头条新闻上成为头条新闻,因为它幸存了下来,被一个善良的兽医照顾。
The remarkable bird was found in the Mueang Ratchaburi district of Ratchaburi Province in central Thailand. 这只神奇的鸟是在泰国中部的Ratchaburi省的Mueang Ratchaburi地区发现的。Now a new video of the amazing creature is going viral, showing monks caring for it by feeding it through a syringe. 现在,一段新的神奇生物的视频在网上疯传,通过一个注射器给和尚喂食。

The video has been seen almost 400,000 times in the past few days.这段视频在过去的几天里已经被观看了近40万次。According to media reports in Thailand, the kind-hearted monks are from a temple near where the chicken was first photographed in Ratchaburi Province, Central Thailand.据泰国媒体报道,这些善良的僧人来自泰国中部的Ratchaburi省第一次拍摄鸡的地方。Social media user 'Noppong Thitthammo' shared the chicken's story and later added that vet Vorakran Sriroj's costs had been paid by donations from well-wishers. 社交媒体用户“Noppong Thitthammo”分享了这只鸡的故事,并随后补充说,兽医Vorakran Sriroj的费用是由来自支持者的捐赠支付的。A vet named as Supakadee Arun Thong was the first one reported to have cared for the chicken, feeding it by dropping food down its neck and giving it antibiotics. 据报道,一名名叫Supakadee Arun Thong的兽医曾对这只鸡进行过护理,它通过将食物滴到脖子上并给它喂食抗生素来喂养它。
She said at the time: 'The animal has its life. If it wants to live, we feed it.' 她当时说:“这只动物有它的生命。如果它想活下去,我们就喂它。Very occasionally, chickens survive being beheaded because of an unusual quirk of their anatomy. 很偶然的情况下,鸡因其解剖学上的奇特怪癖而存活下来。The birds' brains are in their skulls at an angle, so the rear portion that controls automatic functions such as breathing can be left intact if the chicken is beheaded too high up the neck. 鸟类的大脑处于一个角度,因此,如果鸡脖子被砍得太高,那么控制诸如呼吸等自动功能的尾部就会完好无损。The vet who looked after the chicken called it 'a true warrior'.  那个照料小鸡的兽医叫它“真正的战士”。Photographs show the chicken with only a bloodied stump where its head used to be, yet it is still somehow standing up. 照片显示,这只鸡的头部曾经是血迹斑斑的残肢,但它仍然站着。