101.pngOne of the artworks at the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Yang Zi展览中的其中一件作品照片。102.pngThe main hall of the exhibition at the National Art Museum of China Photo: Luo Yunzhou/GT中国国家美术馆展览大厅图片。China•Art•Academy - Exhibition Commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the China Academy of Art kicked off at the National Art Museum of China on Sunday. The exhibition will cover the history of the China Academy of Art (CAA) through the presentation of three themes: The Pioneer Journey of Chinese Art, Fundamentals of Art Education and Manifesto of Academic Ethos.中国•艺术学院 - 纪念中国美术学院成立90周年纪念展在中国国家艺术博物馆举行。此次展览将通过展示三个主题:中国艺术先锋之旅,艺术教育基础和学术精神宣言,介绍中国美术学院的历史。The exhibits on display seek to paint a picture of the evolution of CAA over the past nine decades by focusing on the academy's important historical milestones.展出的展品通过关注学院的重要历史里程碑,试图描绘过去九十年来民航局演变的图像。The first glimpse of CAA history starts with a giant oil painting located right at doorway to the main hall, which surprises visitors with its size. The painting features many of the major figures in art education that have made great contributions to Chinese art since the foundation of CAA in 1928.CAA历史的第一次瞥见始于大厅门口的一幅巨幅油画,它的大小令游客惊喜不已。自1928 年CAA成立以来,这幅画以许多艺术教育的主要人物为中国艺术作出了巨大贡献。During the first section of the exhibition, CAA focuses on the immense value of traditional Chinese culture and new attempts to present this culture to the public. By setting many Chinese calligraphic works inside long glass cabinets, visitors can  compare the differences between the works from various masters of the art.在展览的第一部分,CAA关注中国传统文化的巨大价值和新的尝试这种文化向公众传播。通过在长玻璃柜内设置许多中国书法作品,参观者可以比较不同艺术大师的作品之间的差异。The second section makes use of detailed introductions to educate visitors about the fundamentals of art education as they make their way around the exhibits.  Finally, the third section enquires into the core responsibilities and mission of the academy in the 21st century.第二部分利用详细的介绍,向参观者介绍艺术教育基本原理,让他们参观展览。最后,第三部分探讨了21世纪学院的核心责任和使命。In addition to the exhibition, a 16-volume book series on the development of CAA was also published on the same day as the opening. As the chief-editor of the book, Xu Jiang expressed his hopes for the series at a press conference at the opening. 除了展览之外,还在开幕的同一天出版了16册关于民航局发展的书籍系列。作为本书的主编,徐江在开幕式的新闻发布会上表达了对系列作品的期待。 "We did not publish this series to celebrate or commemorate the CAA, rather its goal is to recall the history of the academy and revive the prosperity of Chinese art."“我们没有出版这个系列来庆祝或者纪念CAA,而是我们的目标是回顾学院的历史,重振中国艺术的繁荣。”The exhibition is set to close on April 8.展览将于4月8日结束。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。