China will select the third batch of astronauts this year for its manned space exploration plan. The new astronauts will include not only pilots, but also maintenance engineers, according to a spokesperson for the China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO).中国今年将选择第三批宇航员进行载人航天探索计划。据中国载人航天工程办公室发言人称,新的宇航员不仅包括飞行员,还包括维修工程师。Currently, the periodical development of payloads related to the station’s application system has been finished. Furthermore, the production of a manned spacecraft and a cargo spacecraft is ongoing in accordance with the plans.目前,该站应用系统相关载荷的定期开发已经完成。此外,载人航天器和货运航天器的生产正按照计划进行。The year 2018 is crucial for China’s manned space exploration plans. This year, the assembling of the space cabin will be completed, and large-scale joint ground experiments will be carried out.2018年是中国载人航天计划的关键。今年将完成太空舱的组装,并进行大规模的联合地面实验。China always attaches importance to international communication and cooperation in manned space exploration. This year, the CMSEO will cooperate with the United Nations for Outer Space Affairs to offer opportunities on the usage of the Chinese space station, and with the European Space Agency on module development and with other countries on the lunar probe.中国一贯重视载人航天探索领域的国际交流与合作。今年,CMSEO将与联合国合作开展外层空间事务,为中国空间站的使用提供机会,并与欧洲航天局合作开发模块,并与其他国家进行月球探测。China initiated their own manned space program in 1992.中国于1992年启动了自己的载人航天计划。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。