The economic power of a country includes various factors, primarily market size. If a trade war breaks out between China and the US, their confidence derives mainly from respective market size. The bigger the market, the more attractive a country will be to its trade partners and the easier to take the strategic upper hand.一个国家的经济实力包括各种因素,主要是市场规模。如果中国和美国之间发生贸易战,他们的信心主要来自各自的市场规模。市场越大,一个国家对其贸易伙伴的吸引力就越大,并且越容易占据战略优势。Statistics suggest different results comparing China and US market size. One conclusion is that China's consumer market overtook the US in 2017. Another foretells this will happen in 2018 or 2019.统计数据显示中国和美国市场规模对比有不同的结果 一个结论是,中国的消费者市场在2017年超过了美国。另一个预测将在2018年或2019年发生。China and the US now are largely equal in consumer market size. But China will surpass the US soon and is very likely to leave the latter far behind.现在中国和美国的消费者市场规模大致相同。但中国很快就会超过美国,很可能会使后者远远落后。China has been the world's largest automobile market for nine years. One-fifth of US-made automobiles are sold to China. German automakers sell 30 percent of their vehicles to China. Volkswagen sells 40 percent of its vehicles to China.中国已连续9年成为全球最大的汽车市场。五分之一的美制汽车销往中国。德国汽车制造商将30%的车辆出售给中国。大众汽车将40%的车辆出售给中国。China has remained the world's largest market for smart phones, garments, e-commerce, tourism and agricultural products. China accounts for over half of the world soybean trade. In the past decade, US global exports grew 4 percent, up 11 percent to China.中国仍然是全球智能手机,服装,电子商务,旅游和农产品的最大市场。中国占世界大豆贸易量的一半以上。在过去的十年中,美国的全球出口增长了4%,比中国增长了11%。China has astonishing potential to expand its market. As more Chinese get richer and a variety of shopping channels go online and offline, the contribution of consumption to the Chinese economy has grown rapidly. With the improvement of healthcare and pension systems, China will release more of its potential in consumption. 中国具有扩大市场的惊人潜力。随着越来越多的中国人越来越富有,各种购物渠道在线和离线,消费对中国经济的贡献迅速增长。随着医疗保健和养老金体系的改善,中国将释放更多的消费潜力。 China being the largest consumer market worldwide will profoundly change the global economic landscape and influence international politics. Launching a trade war against China involves high risks. A strategic confrontation with China is unwise if there is no serious conflict.中国是全球最大的消费市场,将深刻改变全球经济格局,影响国际政治。对中国发起贸易战争涉及高风险。如果没有严重的冲突,与中国的战略对抗是不明智的。Given its technological edge, the US can find substitutes easily for its imports from China in case of a trade war, and China will thus lose opportunities of learning and introducing advanced US technologies. But the consequences shouldn't be exaggerated. So far the US hasn't wanted to sell its cutting-edge products to China. It's not easy for the US to find alternatives for Chinese products that feature stable supply, high quality and low price.鉴于其技术优势,美国在贸易战中可以轻松地从中国进口替代品,中国将因此失去学习和引进美国先进技术的机会。但后果不应该被夸大。到目前为止,美国并不想将其尖端产品出售给中国。美国很难找到具有稳定供应,高质量和低价格的中国产品的替代品。By claiming China will suffer more from the trade war, Washington is trying to vindicate its high-stakes bet. Despite its intent to work with allies against China, the US is unable to do so. US allies won't resist the temptation of a huge Chinese market to do as Washington says.声称中国将在贸易战中受到更多打击,华盛顿正试图维持其高风险的赌注。尽管它有意与盟国一起针对中国,美国却无法这样做。正如华盛顿所言,美国的盟友不会抵制庞大的中国市场的诱惑。Washington is simply blustering. After all, it lacks the domestic unity and resilience to wrestle with China.华盛顿简直是疯了。毕竟,它缺乏与中国搏斗的国内团结和韧性。People habitually imagine how tremendous US power can be, but the country is clearly aware that it doesn't have the capability to fight a fierce battle. Such a battle needs social solidarity and public support, neither of which the US government has.人们习惯性地想象美国的巨大力量可能会如何,但该国清楚地意识到它没有能力进行激烈的战斗。这样的一场战斗需要社会团结和公众支持,而美国政府都没有。According to the latest reports, the two countries are talking over the issue. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he was "cautiously hopeful" about reaching an agreement. But if by an agreement he means only Chinese concessions, he'd better not be hopeful and instead just prepare for a trade war.据最新报道,两国正在谈论这个问题。美国财政部长史蒂文姆努钦表示,他对达成协议“抱有谨慎的希望”。但如果通过协议,他的意思只是中国的让步,他最好不要抱有希望,而只是为贸易战做准备。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。