The US government's latest tariff plan on imports from China contradicts its commitments that such a decision be based only on the World Trade Organization (WTO)'s Dispute Settlement Body (DSB), said Zhang Xiangchen, Chinese ambassador to the WTO, on Monday during a meeting here.中国驻世贸组织大使张向晨在周一的一次会议上表示,美国政府最新的关于从中国进口的关税计划违背了其承诺,即这项决定仅基于世界贸易组织(WTO)的争端解决机构(DSB)。Zhang said what the United States had done in contradiction with its commitments made at WTO more than a decade ago, and that the United States had "explicitly, officially, repeatedly and unconditionally confirmed" that it would base a "Section 301" decision only on adopted DSB findings.张说,十多年前,美国与世贸组织作出的承诺相矛盾,美国已经“明确、正式、反复、无条件地确认”,它将以“301条款”为基础,仅通过DSB的调查结果。"Section 301" is a measure under the US Trade Act of 1974 that allows the president to take all appropriate action, including retaliation, if an investigation finds foreign trade practices burden or restrict US commerce or are unreasonable or discriminatory.“301条款”是1974年美国贸易法下的一项措施,该法案允许总统采取一切适当行动,包括报复,如果调查发现外国贸易行为负担或限制美国贸易,或不合理或有歧视性。"According to the WTO rulings and the US commitment, the US shall by no means determine unilaterally based on a 301 investigation that other members have violated the WTO rules," Zhang said during a meeting of WTO's Council on Trade in Goods.“根据世贸组织的裁决和美国的承诺,美国不应单方面决定以301次调查为依据,而其他成员违反了世贸组织规则,”张在世贸组织货物贸易理事会会议上说。Last Thursday, US President Donald Trump signed a memorandum that could impose tariffs on up to 60 billion US dollars of imports from China and restrictions on Chinese investment in the United States.上周四,美国总统唐纳德•特朗普(Donald Trump)签署了一份备忘录,该备忘录可能对中国高达600亿美元的进口商品征收关税,并限制中国在美国的投资。The memorandum is based on a Section 301 investigation, launched by the Trump administration in August 2017, into alleged Chinese intellectual property and technology transfer practices.这份备忘录的依据是特朗普政府于2017年8月发起的一项301条款调查,内容涉及中国的知识产权和技术转让行为。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。