1.pngA group of researchers in America have done a survey .美国的一群研究人员做了一项调查。They asked a lot of people what their greatest regret is.他们询问了很多人,问这些人最大的遗憾是什么。And according to the statistics they got, 75% of the people said it’s that they didn’t work hard enough when they were young and as a result they had achieved nothing.根据他们得到的数据,75%的人都说是年轻的时候不够努力,以至于现在一事无成。Nowadays it seems popular for young people to deliberately stay confused and do nothing seriously.如今,年轻人似乎流行故意保持迷茫,做什么都不认真。That’s really sad.这真的很悲哀。Youth is the most precious thing you have. And it’s the most precious resource at your hand.青春是你手上最珍贵的东西,也是你手上最珍贵的资源。Stay busy when you are young. Fight as much as you can. Life is hard enough even if you try. Let alone if you don’t.在年轻的时候,应该忙起来。你应该尽可能地去奋斗。生活对于那些努力的人来说已经很艰难了,更不用说那些不努力的。Like what they say in Game of Thrones, winter is coming.就像他们在《权力的游戏》里面说的:凛冬将至。Winter is coming for everyone, all the time.凛冬正在向所有人袭来,而且是无时不刻。This winter’s name is Time.这个凛冬的名字,叫时间。Opportunites are for those who have prepared themselves.机会是给那些又准备的人的。Are you one of them?你是其中之一吗?