1.pngDear Basketball,亲爱的篮球,From the moment从小时候I started rolling my dad’s tube socks我穿着老爸的直筒袜And shooting imaginary假装着Game-winning shots我在大西部论坛球馆In the Great Western Forum投中制胜球的样子I knew one thing was real:我就清楚知道一件事情:I fell in love with you.我爱上你了。A love so deep I gave you my all我爱你如此之深,已奉献我的所有From my mind & body从我的思想到我的身体To my spirit & soul.从我的精神到我的灵魂As a six-year-old boy六岁的我Deeply in love with you深深的爱着你I never saw the end of the tunnel.我从没想过这段旅程结束时的样子I only saw myself我只看到我自己Running out of one.在这条路上奔跑And so I ran.所以我不停的跑I ran up and down every court每场比赛我都不停奔跑After every loose ball for you.为争取每一次得到你的机会You asked for my hustle你需要我拼尽全力I gave you my heart我为你奉上了我的心Because it came with so much more.因为这需要的不仅仅是尽力。I played through the sweat and hurt我为打球流尽血汗、带着一身伤病Not because challenge called me不是因为困难在挑战我But because YOU called me.而是因为你在呼唤我I did everything for YOU我已经为你做了一切Because that’s what you do因为你也是这样对待我When someone makes you feel as因为你让我感觉Alive as you’ve made me feel.我自己是一个鲜活的人You gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream你让一个6岁的孩子实现了他的湖人梦And I’ll always love you for it.为此我将永远爱你。But I can’t love you obsessively for much longer.但是我不能再如此迷恋你了This season is all I have left to give.这个赛季是我所能给的仅有的My heart can take the pounding我的心还能继续承受各种打击My mind can handle the grind我的意志也还能继续坚持下去But my body knows it’s time to say goodbye.但我的身体让我知道是时候说再见了And that’s OK.这也很好I’m ready to let you go.我已经做好准备跟你说再见了I want you to know now我现在只是想让你知道So we both can savor every moment we have left together.我们俩都可以永远珍藏着彼此一起度过的每一段时光The good and the bad.无论是好的,还是坏的We have given each other我们已经给了彼此All that we have.我们所能给的全部And we both know, no matter what I do next我们俩都知道,接下来无论我去做什么I’ll always be that kid我都会是那个With the rolled up socks穿着老爸的直筒袜Garbage can in the corner瞄准角落里的垃圾桶5 seconds on the clock假装进攻时间还有5秒Ball in my hands.手里拿着篮球的小孩5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 15秒…4秒…3秒…2秒…1秒Love you always,一直爱你的,Kobe科比