Lacoste, a world-famous French clothing brand, replaced its iconic crocodile logo with endangered animal images to spread awareness about these species and dangers that they are in.Lacoste是法国知名服装品牌,将其标志性的鳄鱼标识改成了濒临灭绝的动物图像,以此提高大家对珍稀物种的认识和其生存环境的恶劣。 In a collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Lacoste presented ten new designs of their iconic polo-shirts. Each of the ten featured animals are on the brink of extinction. The number of polos produced for each series corresponds to the remaining population sizes in the wild.Lacoste和世界自然保护联盟(International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources,简称IUCN)合作,推出了十款全新经典款polo衫。每件衣服上都有濒临灭绝的动物图像。每款数量和衣服上的物种在野外存活的数量相一致。 By purchasing the shirts, people are participating in helping IUCN and Lacoste in the fight for wildlife conservation worldwide.通过购买衣服,消费者能帮助IUCN和Lacoste为全球野生动物保护献一份力。 The Burmese Roofed Turtle缅甸棱背龟 Rampant egg collection for local and distant consumption, easily predictable nesting sites and reproduction periods make it an endangered species with man as its first predator.缅甸棱背龟面临的威胁有:国内外对龟蛋的猖狂交易、龟窝和繁殖时间极易推断。人类是该物种的第一捕食者。 The Javan Rhino爪哇犀牛 They are endangered because of their low reproduction rate as well as intensive poaching for their horns.爪哇犀牛繁殖率低,犀牛角被疯狂偷猎,因此濒临灭绝。 The Northern Sportive Lemur北方鼬狐猴 Intensive poaching and the destruction of its habitat for agriculture and deforestation make it a critically-endangered species.大量偷猎、栖息地被破坏用于农耕,植被砍伐,都导致北方鼬狐猴数量减少。 The California Condor加州兀鹫 Its survival is threatened by lead poisoning and human-induced garbage that pollutes its natural habitat.加州兀鹫的栖息地受到铅毒和人类生活垃圾污染威胁。 The Kakapo鸮鹦鹉 It is an endangered species mostly because of its very low reproductive rate.繁殖率太低导致濒临灭绝。 The Vaquita加湾鼠海豚  It is a critically endangered species due to shrimp gillnets in which it can get entangled.刺网捕虾易使加州鼠海豚困在网内,导致物种数量减少。 The Anegada Ground Iguana阿内加达本土岩鬣蜥 Unfortunately, cattle breeding and agriculture make their habitat shrink and feral cats and dogs find them quite tasty.畜牧业和农业发展使阿内加达本土岩鬣蜥栖息地减少,凶猛的猫狗将之作为食物。 The Cao-vit Gibbon东部黑冠长臂猿 This gibbon can be found in a forest located at the border of China and Vietnam, where deforestation reduces its habitat.长臂猿出现在中国和越南边境,树木砍伐使之栖息地减少。 The Saola中南大羚 Their survival is threatened due to intensive poaching in the area, making the saola one of the only large mammals in critical danger of extinction.大量偷猎使中南大羚濒临灭绝,这也是濒临灭绝的大型动物之一。 The Sumatran Tiger苏门答腊虎 Nowadays, the main threats it faces are poaching and deforestation.苏门答腊虎目前面临的最大威胁是偷猎和植被砍伐。 (翻译:阿忙)