1.pngSmart shoes that can track your workouts aren’t a new thing. Pizza Hut, however, has created smart shoes that are the polar opposite of fitness. The Pie Tops II, a sequel to last year’s Pie Tops sneaker, are here as part of an ad campaign for March Madness.能追踪锻炼轨迹的智能鞋已经不是什么新鲜事物,但是,必胜客最近发明了和健康背道而驰的智能鞋——馅饼二号(The Pie Tops II)。这双鞋是继去年推出的为大学生篮球联赛打广告的馅饼一号运动鞋升级版。Despite existing primarily as a marketing tool, the Pie Tops II are real shoes. Like the original Pie Tops, the Pie Tops II can order pizza — from Pizza Hut, naturally — through a button built into the tongue of one of the sneakers, which connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The Pie Tops II add an additional feature to the left shoe: a second button that can pause your TV (in theory so that you can get off your couch and get your pizza).馅饼二号看上去是营销手段,但是确实能穿。和一号一样,能从必胜客点披萨。运动鞋里的按钮通过蓝牙和手机相连,点击就能点餐。馅饼二号左脚还有一个新特点:第二个按钮可以暂停电视(理论上来讲,这样你就能在看电视的时候离开沙发去取披萨了)。The pizza theme carries through to the, shall we say, garish, design of the shoes, which feature a cheese grater-esque mesh, “extreme marinara splash” highlights, and, for an extra dose of complete lack of subtlety, the word “PIZZA” emblazoned on the sides of the shoe. The shoes come in either red or a somehow-even-worse “wheat” tan.披萨主题贯穿整双鞋,可以说是非常绚烂了,以芝士条为特色,突出“超级酱汁”,不过细节处还是略有缺失,“披萨”两个大字在鞋侧异常显眼。鞋子有红色款和莫名奇怪的“小麦”色。The Pie Tops II shoes are going to be a limited run, similar to their predecessor. Each shoe is custom-made by the Shoe Surgeon. Fifty pairs will be available to purchase through HBX for an unspecified price sometime during the week of March 19th, and additional shoes will be given away via social media.馅饼二号将和和馅饼一号一样限量销售。鞋品牌Shoe Surgeon独家定制每只鞋子。购物平台HBX 上售出50双,价格将于3月19日公布,其他鞋将从社交媒体平台出售。