1.pngPresident Trump imposed steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports on Thursday, singling out China as a top offender in an effort to curb what he has called unfair trade practices. But there is little evidence to support his dismissal of estimates that say Chinese steel accounts for only a small percentage of imports into the United States.周四,特朗普总统开始对钢材和铝材的进口征收高额关税,以遏制他所说的不公平贸易行为,并将中国列为头号罪魁。他对中国进口钢材只占美国进口的一小部分这一说法进行了驳斥。但他的话几乎没有任何证据支持。We fact-checked Mr. Trump’s targeting of China’s trade practices this week.我们对特朗普本周针对中国贸易行为的言论做了事实核查。“Transshipping, frankly, is a big deal. China says it’s got 2 percent, but it sends much more.” — March 8“转运显然有很大影响。中国说是只有2%,但它输送的钢材要比这多得多。” -3月8日This lacks evidence.这缺乏证据。Mr. Trump repeated this claim as he prepared to announce the tariffs. “I’ve watched where the reporters have been writing, 2 percent of our steel comes from China. Well, that’s not right,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference on Tuesday. “They transship all through other countries.”特朗普在准备宣布关税时重复了这一说法。“我看过记者写了什么,只有2%的钢材来自中国。这个,这是不对的,”特朗普于周二在新闻发布会上说。“他们通过其他国家转运。”“They send us a much, much higher level than that, but it’s called transshipping,” he added.“他们给我们带来了比这多得多的钢材,这叫做转运,”他补充说。Transshipping refers to a practice in which one country exports a product to another country after it passes it through a third country. It is illegal when done to falsify or disguise the product’s country of origin and to evade duties and tariffs.转运是指一个国家将产品通过第三国出口到另一个国家的做法。伪造或伪装产品原产国并逃避关税是非法的。There is little evidence to support Mr. Trump’s claim that the volume of Chinese steel imports is “much higher” after transshipping.几乎没有证据支持特朗普声称中国钢材进口量经转运后“多得多”的说法。First, the 2 percent estimate does not come from China, as Mr. Trump said, but from his own Commerce Department. Its data suggests that Chinese steel accounts for just 2 percent of total imports to the United States by quantity last year, and about 3.5 percent by value.首先,2%的估计不是如特朗普所说的那样来自中国,而是来自他自己的商务部。其数据表明,去年从中国进口的钢材仅占美国进口总量的2%,按价值计约为3.5%。Asked to explain Mr. Trump’s claim, a White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity acknowledged that countervailing and anti-dumping duties have significantly reduced Chinese steel imports. The United States has imposed 24 trade remedies against steel from China, more than any other country, covering an estimated 90 percent of Chinese imports.在被要求解释特朗普的说法时,一位不愿透露姓名的白宫官员承认,反补贴和反倾销税大大降低了中国钢材进口量。美国对中国进口的钢材实施了24项贸易救济,比其他任何国家都要多,覆盖了中国进口量的约90%。Asked for more details, the White House said in a statement that China had found ways to circumvent those barriers, simply by passing steel products through a third country. But, the statement said, “more often they are lightly processed into a new product (harder to quantify and catch) before being shipped Stateside.”在被问及更多细节时,白宫在一份声明中表示,中国已经找到方法,让这些钢铁制品经过第三国,从而绕过这些壁垒。但是,声明说:“在运往美国之前,它们通常会被轻度加工为新产品(更难被量化和发现)。”