As winter chill still lingers through early spring, longing for warm days has sprung up everywhere.早春仍有冬日寒意,各地人们已经开始盼望温暖的日子。Before the flowers are in full blossom, here is a collection of ancient Chinese poems depicting the revival of life during spring.在百花盛开前,我们准备了中国古诗集,它们描绘了春天万物复苏。The English translations used in this article are from Chinese translator Xu Yuanchong.本文英语翻译来自中国译者许渊冲。1. Spring Morning1. 春晓- by Meng Haoran (689-740) of Tang Dynasty (618-907)孟浩然(689-740)[唐(618-907)]This spring morning in bed I’m lying,春眠不觉晓,Not to awake till the birds are crying.处处闻啼鸟。After one night of wind and showers,夜来风雨声,How many are the fallen flowers?花落知多少。2. Written in a Village South of the Capital2. 题都城南庄- by Cui Hu (772 - 846) of Tang Dynasty崔护(772-846)(唐)In this house on this day last year, a pink face vied去年今日此门中,In beauty with the pink peach blossoms side by side.人面桃花相映红。I do not know today where the pink face has gone;人面不知何处去,In the vernal breeze still smile pink peach blossoms full-blown.桃花依旧笑春风。3. Happy Rain on a Spring Night (Excerpts)3. 春夜喜雨(节选)- by Du Fu (712-770) of Tang Dynasty杜甫(712-770)(唐)Good rain knows its time right;好雨知时节,It will fall when comes spring.当春乃发生。With wind it steals in night;随风潜入夜,Mute, it moistens each thing.润物细无声。4. Dreaming of the Southern Shore4. 忆江南- by Bai Juyi (772-846) of Tang Dynasty白居易(772-846)(唐)Fair Southern shore,江南好,With scenes I adore.风景旧曾谙。At sunrise riverside flowers redder than fire,日出江花红胜火,In spring green waves grow as blue as sapphire,春来江水绿如蓝。Which I can’t but admire.能不忆江南?5. Love Seeds5. 相思- by Wang Wei (701-761) of Tang Dynasty王维(701-761)(唐)Red berries grow in the southern land.红豆生南国,How many load in spring the trees!春来发几枝。Gather them till full is your hand;愿君多采撷,They would revive fond memories.此物最相思。