Coca-Cola has become one of the most recognised brands in the entire world ever since it was first launched 131 years ago.可口可乐创立于131年前,现在已是世界知名品牌之一。 However, the company is preparing to enter an entirely new sector by launching its very first alcoholic beverage in Japan.可口可乐预备进军一个全新领域,将于日本发布首款酒精饮料。 According to president of Coca-Cola's Japan business unit Jorge Garduño, there are currently plans in place for the company to release its very own version of Chu-Hi later this year.可口可乐日本公司总裁乔治·加多钮说,公司目前计划晚些时候发布可口可乐版Chu-Hi气泡酒。 Chu-Hi is a canned drink that originated in Japan and typically has a low alcohol content.Chu-Hi源于日本,是一款罐装低酒精含量的饮料。一般来说,酒精含量都不高 “This is a canned drink that includes alcohol; traditionally, it is made with a distilled beverage called shōchū and sparkling water, plus some flavouring,” Garduño explained in an interview published on the company's website last month.上个月,加多钮的采访,发布在可口可乐官网上,他说:“这种罐装饮料含酒精,是用蒸馏型饮料和气泡水制成,再加一些调味品。” “We haven't experimented in the low alcohol category before, but it's an example of how we continue to explore opportunities outside our core ares.“虽然之前可口可乐没有做过低酒精饮料,但这也是我们跨出舒适区的一大尝试。” However consumers from outside of Japan who are keen to try the new alcoholic drink may have to wait a while before they have the opportunity.非日本消费者要想尝试这款饮料可能要等一段时间了。 Even though Coca-Cola's Chu-Hi drink will be its first alcoholic product, this isn't the first time the company has been involved in the alcohol industry.尽管这款气泡酒是可口可乐的首款酒精饮品,可口可乐却早就在酒业有所尝试。 In 1977, chairman, president and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company John Paul Austin helped to launch Coca-Cola's Wine Spectrum unit, which included Sterling Vineyards, Monterey Vineyard and the Taylor Wine Company.1977年,可口可乐公司主席、总裁兼首席执行官约翰·保罗·奥斯汀建立了可口可乐酒品部门,包括思令酒庄(Sterling Vineyards)、蒙特雷酒庄(Monterey Vineyard)和泰勒葡萄酒公司(Taylor Wine Company)。 In 1983, the Wine Spectrum unit was bought by Joseph E. Seagram & Sons for more than $200 million (£144 million).1983年,约瑟夫施格兰公司以超过2亿美元的价格买下了该部门。 (翻译:李楠)