One giant panda has some serious selfie skills, and these pics with a lucky tourist are here to prove it. 这只大熊猫自拍技术一流,这里展示的几张她和一位幸运游客的合影就是证明。   Taking a photo with a panda is a service offered by the Dujiangyan Panda Base in Chengdu city in China. It just released six pictures, and there is no doubt the panda knows how to work her angles.中国成都都江堰大熊猫基地为游客提供和熊猫合影的项目。这里展出了6张照片,很明显,这只大熊猫知道如何找角度。   Founded in 2011, the Dujiangyan Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding specialises in re-introducing the bears into the wild. The centre is part of the Chengdu Research Base which holds around 108 bears in captivity, making for the largest artificial breeding population of pandas in the world.都江堰大熊猫繁育研究基地建于2011年,旨在帮助大熊猫重归野外。该基地隶属于成都研究基地,成都研究基地拥有圈养大熊 猫108只,是世界上最大的大熊猫人工繁育中心。         It is not the first time a panda from the center became famous for knowing how to pose like a pro. In March, 2016, another black-and-white furball was captured taking a selfie with her keeper, just seconds after giving the man a kiss and snuggling up with him.这个基地的大熊猫不是第一次因为会摆姿势出名了。2016年3月,另一只大熊猫亲了自己的饲养员还依偎在他身旁,几秒之后又和饲养员来了个自拍。