What 3 habits can transform my life completely?哪三个习惯能颠覆你的生活?获得546.1k好评的回答@Erick Diaz:1.Blind showers.1.闭上眼睛洗澡。I discovered this a couple months ago when I thought: Why do I need to see what I’m doing? I know the dimensions of my body, the space of the tub and what I need to get accomplished. Closing my eyes is one less form of stimuli my mind has to process. So showering becomes a type of meditation rather than a tedious chore to get through.几个月前我思考时产生了这个想法:为什么我需要看着自己正在做的事?我知道自己的身材、浴缸的大小以及我洗澡的步骤。闭上眼睛就不会刺激大脑运转,所以洗澡变成了一种冥想,而不再是乏味的琐事。2.Air tight work windows.2.严格的工作计划。No matter what, from 2:00–3:00 p.m. I will work on _____. I don’t care if my girlfriend texts saying she’s pregnant, a squirrel flies through the window or a robber busts down the door. I will NOT leave the desk until 3:01. Having this level of discipline will show how productive you can be in a short amount of time with proper focus and attentiveness.无论什么情况,下午2点到3点我都会做_____。不管是女朋友发短信说怀孕了,还是有松鼠从窗户飞进来,或者有抢劫犯破门而入,3:01之前我都不会离开办公桌。有这种纪律性你才会发现短时间内精神和注意力足够集中工作会多有效率。3.Shrink your world down to a more manageable size.3.把你的世界缩小到能掌控的范围。I get it. In the age of information it’s never been easier to get swamped by the tidal wave of (seemingly) important content. Limit yourself to what you pay attention to. For me it’s filmmaking and basketball. If you paid attention to world politics, entertainment, music, sports, fashion, cars, technology and business on a daily basis, you’d never get anything done.我明白在这个信息化时代要被(看似)重要的信息浪潮淹没比以往都要容易。把你自己的精力限制到你所关注的东西上,我关注的就是电影制作和篮球。如果你每天都关注世界政治、娱乐、音乐、体育、时尚、汽车、技术和商业,那你永远一事无成。获得279.1k好评的回答@Fernando Tudela:1.Exercise and drink plenty of water1.锻炼、多喝水I understand this might sound basic, but realize just how important this is. Your body needs to exercise and water to thrive. You'll wake up with more energy and you'll feel much better about yourself. Plus having a great body is just a plus.我知道这个可能听起来都是最基本的,但你要明白其重要性。你的身体需要锻炼和水才能健康,你醒来时才会更加精力充沛,自我感觉更好,而且有个好身体就是件好事。2. Have a positive mindset2.有积极的心态Wake up every morning thinking it's going to be the best day of your life. Smile plenty, be kind to people and always be an optimist. Turn any negative situation into a positive one and you'll succeed in anything you do.每天早上醒来都要想这会是你人生中最好的一天。多微笑,与人为善,保持乐观。把任何不利的处境都变成有利的处境,你就什么事都能做成。3. Read3.读书Reading teaches you how to become an interesting person. You'll retain all the qualities of the main character. Your vocabulary will expand and you will be eloquent. Reading stimulates your brain, improves concentration and memory, reduces stress, improves critical thinking among other things.阅读教你如何成为一个有趣的人。你会记住所有主角的品格,你的词汇量会增加,口才会提高。阅读丰富你的头脑,提高注意力集中的能力和记忆力,减压,改善对其他事物的批判性思维。