1.pngVeterinarians are keeping a close eye on a giant panda that received surgery for a serious stomach issue in East China’s Zhejiang province.兽医们正在密切关注一只大熊猫的情况,该大熊猫之前在我国东部省份浙江因严重胃部疾病而接受了手术。The four-year-old male panda, Cheng Jiu, remains in a critical condition after having an operation that took a large amount of indigestible food from his stomach on Friday, according to sources with the Hangzhou Zoo where the panda lives.根据来自大熊猫生活的杭州动物园的消息,这只名为Cheng Jiu的四岁大熊猫在接受手术后仍处于危机状态,周五的手术从其胃部取出了大量不能消化的食物。In late February, the panda’s keeper found him eating less and suffering from low energy. He was diagnosed with acute stomach distention and underwent a four-hour operation.二月底,该大熊猫的饲养员发现他吃得变少了而且营养不良。他被诊断患有严重的胃胀,而后经历了长达四个小时的手术。In the 48 hours following the surgery, he suffered reflux multiple times, according to a spokesperson with the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Sichuan province. It is unclear whether the panda may have postoperative complications, the spokesperson said.四川省成都大熊猫繁育研究基地的一位发言人说,在手术后的48小时内,“成就”多次遭受胃食管反流(医学术语)。该发言人称,目前还不清楚熊猫是否可能有术后并发症。There are no medical records of pandas with similar conditions and no successful experience to learn from, the spokesperson added.该发言人补充道,因为目前没有类似情况的大熊猫的医疗记录,也就没有成功的经验可供借鉴。The giant panda was sent from the Chengdu base to the Hangzhou Zoo in September 2016. Described as an extrovert and smart by his keeper, Cheng Jiu loves apples and tree climbing.该熊猫于2016年9月被从成都大熊猫繁育研究基地送往杭州动物园。从其饲养员口中得知这只大熊猫很活泼也很聪明,喜欢苹果和爬树。