Describe an unusual meal you had  You should say:  Who you were with  Where you went  When it happened  Why it was unusual  思路点拨:以下思路谨供参考,希望大家根据自己的真实经历编写答案  这个题目的回答可以分成两个大方向。第一,集中于食物本身,即吃到一些之前没有见过或者无法接受的食物。比如英国的鱼和薯条,苏格兰的哈吉斯,澳大利亚的袋鼠肉,法国的烤蜗牛,西班牙的海鲜饭等带有异国风情的食物。又或者像云南的炸昆虫,北京的豆汁、卤煮,长沙的臭豆腐、臭桂鱼等可能会突破不喜欢的人的极限的食物。第二,集中于吃食物的场景,即食物本身很普通,但一起吃的人比较特殊,或者时机比较特殊。比如跟自己初恋吃的第一顿饭,18岁成年的一顿饭,跟自己的兄弟或者闺蜜彻夜聊天的一顿饭,跟自己的朋友分离的一顿饭,毕业之际的聚餐等。  我要告诉你的特殊的一餐是我跟我大学最好的朋友在毕业前吃的一顿饭。他跟我一个宿舍,床互相挨着。在大学的四年里,我们一起踢球,一起学习,甚至互相帮忙找到了各自的女朋友。拥有无数快乐的回忆。  The unusual meal I am going to tell you is what I ate with my best friend before graduation. He and I shared the same room and our beds were set together. During the college, we play basketball together, study together and even help each other find our true loves. Oh, a lot of happy memory.  那是我们离校的前一天,即第二天我们就要各奔前程。他回厦门进入一所大学教书,我留在当地工作。两地相隔千里。所以很有可能那顿饭将是我们在未来好几年间最后的一顿饭。事实也确实如此。  The meal was in the evening before graduation. Next day, we would pursue our own courses. He would go to Xia’men, a southern city in China, to teach in a university, while I would stay here and start my work. We were parted thousands of miles, so that meal was very likely to be our last meal in several years, and it is.  没有选择外面的饭店,我们买了些食物,啤酒回到生活四年的宿舍。一边吃饭,一边喝酒,一边聊天。那天我们聊了很多,关于曾经的理想,未来的设想,自己的生活。直到凌晨四点多天开始亮的时候才结束。随后收拾行李,他登上前往厦门的旅程,我前往自己租住的小屋。  Instead of eating in a restaurant, we bought some food and beer and came back to the dormitory where we lived for four years. We ate, drank and talked. We talked about our ambitions, expectations, lives, and paths ahead until about 4 o’clock in the morning. Then we packed our baggage. He embarked on his way to Xia’men. I took a bus to my small rented room.  其实那天的食物并不怎么好吃,但我永远记着这顿饭,并且时不时回想起来。因为它代表了我的大学生涯和诸多美好的回忆。  In fact, the food that day was not so good, but I always remember this meal and it resurfaces in my memory now and then. After all, it symbolized the end of my college and precious friendship.