Describe something you learned in a place or from someone  You should say:  What it was  Where or who you got it  What the situation was  How you felt  范文之:喜爱的家人(older person you enjoy spending time with)  思路点拨:以下思路谨供参考,希望大家根据自己的真实经历编写答案。  这道话题卡有两个切入点可以入手,可以说地点也可以说是具体某个人。如果从地点来说,可以从最常见的某个学校中学到的事情着手,也可以从异国他乡获得的相关的不同的文化知识来讲。如果从单个人的角度来看,各位烤鸭不妨参考之前老烤鸭给出的有关人物相关的一些话题卡Describe someone who is knowledgeable 描述知识渊博的人 来找一些灵感。只要注意这两点选其一扣住题目,那么就不难展开陈述了。  我向别人那里学到的东西是从一名叫Ellen的老师那里学到的越南语。她是一位非常专业的的美国语言教师培训师。  Something I learned from someone was about some basic Vietnamese from a teacher of mine named Ellen who is a very professional language teacher trainer in the U.S.  去年,我参加了剑桥大学的职业教师资格认证。一个九月份的早晨,她给我们用越南语讲了一节越南语课程。关键问题是我对越南语一窍不通。加之她又特别的严谨治学。所以我那会儿有些忐忑不安,担心自己不能够有效掌握课上的越南语内容。你也知道,对于一个初学者或者是零基础的人来说学习一门语言能够脱口而出完整的句子是有多么的困难。  Last year I got some training in language teaching from a certified professional trainer in Cambridge. One day morning in Sept., she gave us a language course about Vietnamese in Vietnamese which we didn’t have any knowledge about. Plus, she was very strict with us in terms of learning. So, I even got butterflies in my stomach and worried that I might not pick up anything about it because you know how hard it is for a beginner or even a learner with zero foundation to learn how to blurt out a sentence.  然而接下来呢,让我不可思议的事情发生了。在她的指导下(包括一些肢体语言,面部表情和教具的使用等),我们成功的会用越南语打招呼和简要做自我介绍了。  However, what happened next made us just can’t believe it’s real. Under some guidance using some gestures and facial expressions together with some realia, we managed to say some greetings and personal information in Vietnamese.  那应该是我去年最那一忘怀的一段时光之一了。当你能够在一堂纯纯越南语教学的越南语课上学会了越南语,你就会觉得这是多么神奇的一件事了。  I felt it was one of the most memorable periods last time. Because you would imagine how magical it is when you had been able to pick up some Vietnamese in the class where only lessons taught in Vietnamese!  自那会儿起,她就成了我语言教学上的一个楷模。我也希望我能够起码在自己的小圈子里有所作为。  Since then on, She just became my role model in language teaching. I hope I could one day make a difference at least in my own little circle.