Yes, making mistakes is perfectly normal and it’s ultimately what makes us human. But you know what else is human? Making fun of others' mistakes.是的,犯错误是再正常不过的事了,这是我们之所以是人的根本原因。但你知道我们之所以为人还有什么根本特性吗?那就是嘲笑别人所犯的错误。There's no shortage of human errors around us. That's why Bored Panda has collected the most hilarious ones to serve you as a friendly reminder to always check your text before publishing.我们生活周遭人所犯的错误不胜枚举。正因为此,Bored Panda收集了一组最爆笑的笔误,谨以提供善意的提醒,在出版发行之前一定要检查文本。What spelling or grammar mistakes have you noticed while out and about? Post your pics below and vote for your favorites!你在周围发现过什么样的笔误或者文法错误?把你的图片发出来,为你最喜欢的图片投上一票吧!1.Are You Sure?你确定吗?1.pngAre you sure you want to exist?你确定你想要存在吗?(exist应为exit,退出)2. And The “World’s Greatest Typo” Award Goes To“世界最伟大拼写错误奖”的得主是2.pngShoplifters will be prostituted行窃者将被卖身(prostituted应为prosecuted,起诉)3.If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it如果不是巴洛克,就别修理它3.png——Handel is broken.亨德尔坏了。(Handel应为handle,把手)——Me?说我吗?4.McDonald‘s is always hiring麦当劳一直在招聘4.pngHiring smiling faces for afternoon shits为下午狗屎招聘微笑使者(shit应为shift,轮班)5.Oh,good,I’ll just park illegally then好呀,那我就非法停车好了5.pngIllegally parked cars will be fine非法停车会好好的(fine应为fined,罚款)6.I pay, therefore I am我付故我在6.pngPlease pay your parking [en]feebefore existing[/en]请在存在前支付停车费(existing应为exiting,离开)7.This misspelling这个拼写错误7.pngmini dognuts迷你狗狗坚果(dognuts应为doughnuts,甜甜圈)8. The Irony真打脸8.pngSchool two easy for kids学校教育对孩子们来说二简单(two应为too,太)9.Eau De Cologne直肠淡香水(Colon应为Cologne,即科隆香水,下同)9.png——When you hug a guy and you smell his colon当你拥抱一个男人并闻到他的直肠味儿——I smell like mens colon我闻起来就像男士直肠——When you can still smell his colon on your pillows even though he’s not there当他已经离开,你仍能在你的枕头上闻到他的直肠味儿——I love when I can smell a guy’s colon as he walks by我喜欢当一个男人经过时我可以闻到他身上的直肠味儿。10.Got This in my fortune cookie. It’s about time those fruits started showing some appreciation.在我的幸运饼干里发现了这个。是时候连水果也开始表现自己的好恶了。10.pngYou will gain admiration from you pears.你会受到你的梨子的夸赞。(pears应为peers,同伴。)11. Apparently those in the scuba community have to deal with some high maintenance members显然潜水俱乐部中的成员不得不应付一些特别大腕儿的维护人员
11.pngRich Howard里奇·霍华德Scuba Diva水肺潜水首席歌剧女主角(diva应为Diver,潜水员)12. Shamed by you English?为你英语害臊吗?12.pngShamed by you English?为你英语害臊吗?(you应为your,你的)13. Apparently not显然不是
13.pngYour the best teacher ever你的最好的老师(your应为you’re,你是)14.Yeah…I think I’ll pass呵呵……我看我就算了吧14.pngNow hiring smiling feces招募微笑的翔(feces应为faces,笑脸)15. They misspelled “food” on my girlfriend’s prescription我女朋友吃的药的处方写错了15.pngTake 1 capsule by mouth every 12hour with wood每12小时伴随木头口服一粒(wood应为food,食物)16.  Can You Imagine Going Into A Board Meeting And Seeing This Sign? Just Reading It Would Make One Tired你能想象去参加董事会,看见这个标志的感受吗?光是看着它就让人感到疲惫了!16.pngExecutive Bored Room执行无聊室(Bored应为board,即董事)17.Same Juice Brand has three different spellings同一个品牌的果汁包装上有三种拼写方式17.png18. A friend of Mine called a restaurant about a spelling mistake on their sign. And they changed it.我的一个朋友打电话给一家餐馆,告诉他们餐馆的招牌上有拼写错误。店主就把招牌改了一下。18.pngTo hot to cook为了天热为了下厨Let us cook for you让我们为你下厨吧!(应为Too hot to cook,天太热不想下厨。下同)To hot too cook太下厨不想天热Let us cook for you让我们为你下厨吧!19.Hmm, Okay.呃,好吧!19.pngLadies please!女士们拜托了!After using the toilet make sure that you flash.使用马桶后请务必闪光!Let’s keep our toilets clean.让我们保持马桶清洁。(flash应为flush,冲水)20.Phew, OK I only have carrot phones in my purse. It’s OK.哦,还好我的包包里只有一根胡萝卜电话。没事!20.pngNo celery phones.芹菜电话不得入内(celery 应为cell, 手机)