1.pngChina has set its 2018 economic growth target at "around 6.5%".中国已将2018年的经济增长目标定在“6.5%左右”。The figure, announced at the opening session of the annual National People’s Congress, is in line with the country’s existing expansion goals.这一数字在全国人大年度大会开幕式上宣布,符合该国现有的扩张目标。But it is below the 6.9% reported for 2017 - the first time in seven years the pace of growth picked up.但这低于2017年报告的6.9% - 七年来首次出现增长的步伐。The report also said China would clamp down on the kind of financially risky operations which have threatened to cause the collapse of major firms.该报告还表示,中国将遏制那些有可能导致大公司倒闭的金融风险行动。It follows last months steps by Beijing to take control of insurance and financial giant Anbang.上个月,北京方面采取了控制保险和金融巨头安邦的措施。Several other high-profile operations are also having their finances scrutinised by Beijing.其他几家知名企业也被政府审视其财务状况。China is now the world’s second largest economy, but a reliance on borrowing has led to pressing political concerns about debt risk.中国现在是世界第二大经济体,但依赖借款导致政府担忧债务风险。As expected, the report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang said reining in this risk would be a key policy for the coming year, promising to "see that internal risk controls are tightened in financial institutions" and a "serious crackdown on activities that violate the law like illegal fundraising and financial fraud".正如预期的那样,李克强总理发表的报告指出,控制这一风险将是未来一年的一项重要政策,承诺“看到金融机构内部风险控制收紧”以及“严厉打击违法活动如非法筹款和金融诈骗“。The report added that the unchanged growth target was "fitting given the fact that China’s economy is transitioning from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development" and would allow it to "achieve relatively full employment".报告补充说,由于中国经济正从快速增长阶段过渡到高质量发展阶段,并且能够“实现相对充分的就业”,不变的增长目标是“合适的”。Other goals mentioned in the report included:报告中提到的其他目标包括:-Achieving inflation of 3% -Cutting overproduction, including reducing steel capacity by 30 million tonnes and coal by 150 million in 2018 -Reining in pollution -Reducing poverty实现通胀3%减少过度生产,包括2018年减少钢铁产能3000万吨和煤炭减少1.5亿控制污染减少贫困The report said that China’s economics and financial risks were "on the whole manageable".报告称中国的经济和金融风险“总体上可控”。