1.pngChina will increase the number and types of candidates, as well as accepting women and applicants from universities and other institutions, when recruiting astronauts for future manned space missions, an official said on Saturday.一名官员于周六表示,中国在录用未来载人航天任务宇航员时,将会增加候选人的人数和种类,并且接受女性,以及来自大学和其他院校的申请者。Major General Yang Liwei, deputy head of the China Manned Space Agency and the nation’s first astronaut, made the comments ahead of the first session of the 13th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference National Committee on Saturday.中国载人航天工程办公室副主任、国家首位航天员杨利伟大将在于周六开幕的全国政协十三届一次会议前做出了该言论。"China’s space station project is in full swing, meaning the country’s manned space missions have entered a new era of space station construction," he said.他说道:“中国的空间实验室建设任务圆满结束,这标志着中国的载人航天工程全面转入空间站建设的新时代。”The work backgrounds and types of people eligible for recruitment will also change. Before, pilots from the People’s Liberation Army Air Force were usually selected, but in the future, flight engineers and scientists in related industries, universities and institutions will be eligible to join the space program, he said.具有招聘资格人们的工作背景和种类也将改变。此前,飞行员往往选自人民解放军空军,但在未来,相关行业、大学和院校的飞行工程师和科学家将有资格加入航空任务。Moreover, women will be encouraged to apply.此外,还鼓励女性申请。"We invite more passionate young people to join the recruitment process to help transform our nation into a space powerhouse," Yang said.杨利伟说道:“我们邀请更多有激情的年轻人加入招聘流程,以助我国变成航空强国。”