1.pngBitcoin may have had a rocky last couple months, to put it mildly, but some boosters still have their optimism goggles on. Case in point: the Winklevii.过去几个月比特币走势堪称大起大落,但有些支持者还是坚持看多。这里就有一例:温氏兄弟。Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the erstwhile Facebook power-scrabblers who made and lost a fortune with Bitcoin’s rise and fall, are insisting that the cryptocurrency will appreciate 40 times in value.温克莱沃斯家两兄弟:泰勒和卡梅伦之前因为Facebook的创意大闹过一阵,近来随着比特币起伏,二人的财富也随着涨跌。不过他们坚持认为比特币价格会涨40倍。“We think regardless of the price moves in the last few weeks, it’s still a very under-appreciated asset,” Cameron Winklevoss told CNBC. Tyler chipped in that those who can’t see Bitcoin’s potential are suffering from a “failure of imagination.”“我们认为,不管过去几个星期价格怎么变,比特币资产的价值还是低估的,”卡梅伦?温克莱沃斯告诉CNBC。泰勒插嘴说,如果还认识不到比特币的价值,终将因为“缺乏想象力”而受穷。The twins’ argument is that people are missing the point when they try to think of cryptocurrencies in terms of person-to-person transactions. Instead, they say, the likes of Bitcoin will be extremely useful when machines trade economic value between themselves-for example, when a driverless car needs to pay another driverless car.双胞胎兄弟称,人们往往从人际转账角度思考加密货币的意义。然而比特币之类加密货币同样可供机器间转移价值,例如一辆无人驾驶车辆与另一辆无人驾驶车辆发生支付交易时。Cryptocurrencies’ extreme volatility dissuades many people from using them to pay for things, and vendors from allowing payments in Bitcoin-it’s too hard to accurately price things in Bitcoin, and when the value is rising there’s more to gain from hoarding Bitcoins than from spending them.由于加密货币波动显著,很多人已经不敢用来支付,收货方也不接受比特币了。因为比特币的准确价格很难定,如果价格出现上涨,囤积比特币的收益比花出去要高。The volatility also leads to more transactions, which leads to higher transaction fees in Bitcoin’s congested network-a big problem if Bitcoin-based micropayments are to become a serious prospect.波动性增大后交易增加,比特币网络上交易费也随之增长。如果基于比特币的微型支付确实会成真,交易费会成为大问题。Winklevii aside, other people who stand to gain from Bitcoin’s success also continue to talk up its prospects. A day ago it was the exchange Gatecoin, whose APAC business development chief, Thomas Glucksmann, said there was “no reason why we couldn’t see bitcoin pushing $50,000 by December.”除了温氏兄弟,其他坚定看多比特币的人士也继续看好前景。一天之前,交易所Gatecoin亚太业务发展主管托马斯?格鲁克斯曼表示,“今年12月比特币没理由不涨到50,000美元。”At the time of writing, one Bitcoin was worth around $8,470. The price neared $20,000 in early December before a series of regulatory moves around the world led to crashes that knocked it as low as $5,950 earlier this week.截至发稿,一个比特币价值约为8470美元。去年12月初曾触及近20,000美元高点,之后全球监管部门出台一系列政策,比特币价随之下跌,本周早些时候曾低至5,950美元。