New study charting Britain's well-being revealed women are happier than men.一项新的研究表明,英国女性的幸福指数高于男性。As well as being happier, the study shows that women are also more satisfied.不仅如此,研究表明,女性也更容易满意。However, despite the positive figures women are more likely to admit anxiety.然而,尽管有这些积极的数据,但女性也承认她们更容易焦虑。The Office for National Statistics has been taking happiness measurements for six years following former prime minister David Cameron's push for statistics that would describe the state of the nation in emotional rather than numerical terms.国家统计局在过去的六年中一直在对幸福指数进行测量,英国前首相戴维·卡梅伦曾提出过一项统计数据,该数据将以情感而非数字的方式描述这个国家的状况。1.pngOver that time, the figures show, all of us are generally happier. In the five years between the late summer of 2012 and September last year, the general level of happiness went up by more than 3 per cent, they indicated.数据显示,在这段时间里,我们所有人都更快乐了。他们指出,在2012年夏末至去年9月的五年里,幸福指数的总体水平上升了3%以上。ONS statisticians linked the general rise in happiness last year to economic improvements, but gave no reason why women should have been cheering up more than men.国家统计局的统计学家们将去年幸福指数的普遍上升与经济的改善联系在一起,但没有给出为什么女性应该比男性更快乐的理由。Nor could they explain why the improvements in well-being were detected in England while there was no noticeable change in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.他们也不能解释为什么英格兰的幸福状况得到改善,而苏格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰却没有明显的变化。The well-being ratings are produced from questions asked of more than 300,000 people in the ONS Annual Population Survey.在国家统计局的年度人口调查中,有超过30万人被问及幸福指数。The four well-being questions ask whether people felt happy, if their lives were worthwhile, whether they were satisfied with their lives, and how anxious they felt on the day before they took part in the survey.有四个关于幸福感的问题:人们是否开心,他们的生活是否有意义,是否对他们的生活感到满意,以及他们在参加调查前一天感到多么焦虑。The ONS report said: ‘Over time, women have consistently reported higher levels of life satisfaction and worthwhile every year, but have also reported higher levels of anxiety since we first began collecting data in 2011.’英国国家统计局的报告称:“随着时间的推移,女性每年的生活满意度和价值都在不断提高,但自2011年以来收集的数据表明,她们的焦虑程度也有所上升。”