1.pngUS steel stocks were rallying on Monday following reports that President Donald Trump wants to impose the harshest tariffs on imports of aluminium and steel.美国钢铁股周一大幅上涨,此前有报道称,美国总统唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)有意对进口的铝材和钢铁征收最严厉的关税。Mr Trump wants to impose a 24 per cent tariff on imports of steel, according to a Bloomberg report published late on Friday.根据上周五晚些时候彭博(Bloomberg)的一篇报道,特朗普想要对进口钢铁征收24%的关税。The remarks helped spark a rally in shares of US steelmakers before the market open.这一消息在股市开盘前引发了美国钢铁企业股价的反弹。Mr Trump appeared to reinforce the recommendations of US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross who, - following the probe, known as a ‘Section 232’ investigation of the effect of steel imports on national security - had recommended options to the president, including imposing a global tariff of “at least” 24 per cent on imports of steel and 7.7 per cent on aluminium.特朗普似乎采纳了美国商务部长威尔伯.罗斯(Wilbur Ross)的建议-后者在“第232条”调查(调查钢材进口对美国国家安全的影响)结果出炉后-向总统推荐了若干选择,包括对钢材进口征收“至少”24%的全球关税,对铝材进口征收7.7%的全球关税。When Mr Trump first ordered the probe last year he argued it had noting to do with China arguing rather that steel is critical to the economy and military and that the US could not be dependent on foreign countries for the commodity.去年特朗普首次下令进行调查时,他坚称调查与中国无关,而是提出钢铁对经济和军事至关重要,美国不能依赖外国获取这种商品。However, China has already threatened retaliation, with an official at China’s commerce ministry saying earlier this month that “the spectrum of national security is very broad and without a clear definition it could easily be abused” and that if the decision were to hurt China’s interests, the country would “take necessary measures to protect our legitimate rights”.然而,中国已经威胁要发起报复,本月早些时候中国商务部的一位官员表示,“国家安全范围十分广泛,缺乏统一界定,极易造成滥用,”而且如果美方最终的决定影响中国利益,中方必将“采取必要措施维护自身正当权利”。The tough rhetoric comes as President Trump has made reforging America’s trade relationship with the world a key part of his agenda and sparked concerns on US protectionism.这些强硬的措辞发表之际,正值特朗普将重塑美国与世界的贸易关系作为其议程的一个关键部分,引发人们对美国保护主义的担忧。