1.pngChina men’s and women’s table tennis teams won on Sunday their respective title at the 2018 International Table Tennis Federation Team World Cup in London.在上周日于伦敦举办的国际乒联世界杯中,中国代表团分获男子和女子团体冠军。The Chinese women’s team, led by Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen and Zhu Yuling, kept an unbeaten record with a 3-0 win over Japan’s Hina Hayata, Kasumi Ishikawa and Mima Ito.中国女乒派出丁宁、刘诗雯和朱雨玲三人出战女单决赛,以3:0完胜日本队的早田希娜、石川佳纯和伊藤美诚,延续不败神话。The men’s counterpart claimed their 7th consecutive title with another 3-0 win over the Japanese men’s team.相应地,中国男子乒乓球代表队那边也以3-0横扫了日本乒乓球男子代表团,连续7次夺得冠军头衔。I think the Chinese team did well today, said Olympic champion Ma Long. "We have a desire to win, and the matches proceeded smoother than we thought."“我认为中国队今天的表现很棒,”奥运冠军马龙表示,“我们获胜心切,比赛进展得比我们想象中顺利。”The 2018 ITTF World Team Cup was held in London’s Copper Box arena between Thursday and Sunday. All matches were played under the new Olympic Test Playing System which sees each tie start with doubles action prior to a maximum of four singles fixtures. No player may play in more than two fixtures per team match, according to ITTF rules.2018乒乓球世界杯团体联赛在伦敦铜盒子体育馆举办,周四至周日为比赛日。所有比赛都在新的奥运会测试比赛系统下进行,每轮淘汰赛以双打开始,之后进行单打,单打比拼上限为4场。根据国际乒联新规,每轮对决中,每队各球员的上场数不得超过两场。