1.pngBeijing stole the show at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on Sunday by presenting a high-tech handover performance at the gala finale to herald the start of Olympic Beijing time.在25日举行的平昌冬奥会闭幕式上,“北京8分钟”惊艳亮相,在闭幕式临近尾声时为观众奉上高科技的交接演出,冬奥会正式进入北京时间。The extinguishing of the Olympic flame in Pyeongchang, the Republic of Korea, marked the beginning of a new four-year cycle to the 2022 Beijing Winter Games after Beijing Mayor Chen Jining received the Olympic flag from his Pyeongchang counterpart Shim Jaeguk.韩国平昌市市长Shim Jaeguk将奥运会会旗(经由国际奥委会主席巴赫)交给北京市市长陈吉宁,随后平昌冬奥会圣火熄灭,冬奥会正式进入为期四年的“北京周期”。The show was directed by Zhang Yimou, a famous Chinese director who was also responsible for the eight-minute summer handover in Athens in 2004 as well as the opening and closing ceremonies in Beijing in 2008 that received considerable international acclaim.这场演出由中国著名导演张艺谋执导,此前他还执导了2004年雅典奥运会闭幕式上的“北京8分钟”,以及2008年北京奥运会的开幕式和闭幕式,全球好评如潮。Zhang said he expects the show to help present his country’s more diversified image in the new era.张艺谋曾在演出前表示,“北京8分钟”将呈现出中国在新时代更加多样化的景象。We made every second count during the eight short minutes to showcase a confident China not only for its profound 5,000-year-old history, but also the remarkable achievements the country has made today, said Zhang.他说:“我们充分利用了8分钟的每一秒,展现出一个自信的中国。这不仅是因为中国五千年的悠久历史,还因为我们今天创造出的非凡成就。”Images were projected to the icy floor while dancers skated across it, creating a sense of augmented reality. A number of moving monitors in the middle of the field were also controlled by artificial intelligence.演出时,舞蹈演员滑行穿过投射在冰面上的图像,创造出增强现实的意境。体育场中央的几个移动大屏幕也是由人工智能控制的。Unlike Athens which focused on displaying Chinese history with traditional elements like red lantern and jasmine, “Beijing 8 Minutes” emphasized the Chinese people’s sincere welcome to the world using modern technology.雅典奥运会闭幕式上的“北京8分钟”重在以大红灯笼和茉莉花等传统元素展现中国历史,而平昌冬奥会闭幕式上的“北京8分钟”着重于以现代科技展现中国人民对全世界的诚挚欢迎。