1.pngIn team pursuit, the finishing time is set by the third and last skater crossing the line. Normally, the first rider sets the pace and takes the air pressure head on while the other two follow in the draft. Skaters are also allowed to cooperate, including pushing their slower teammates from behind.在速滑团体追逐赛中,比赛用时是由第三名也就是最后一名运动员的过线时间决定的。通常情况下,领滑选手控制节奏并顶着气压,另外两名队员则跟随在其身后的气流中滑行。队员们还可以相互配合,例如从后面推速度稍慢的队友。But in their quarterfinal heat, it seemed Kim and Park weren’t putting much effort into helping Noh keep pace and stay in the pack.但在四分之一决赛中,金宝凛和朴志友似乎并没有对卢善英提供多少帮助,让她保持队形。Some South Koreans believe Kim and Park were trying to humiliate Noh because there was nothing to be gained by crossing first.一些韩国人认为,金、朴是想羞辱卢善英,因为她们率先通过终点没有任何意义。It was regretful, since it’s the time of the last skater that counts. If our last skater had come in a bit earlier we might have made the semifinals. But it’s finished, Kim said after the race.她在赛后表示:“有些遗憾,因为团体赛最后一名选手的用时才是关键。如果我们最后的选手能够再快点或许还可以进半决赛。但比赛已经结束了。”As the public anger grew, Kim appeared in a news conference with her coach on Tuesday and tearfully offered her "sincere apology" and said she didn’t realize Noh was that far off until it was too late.由于公众的愤怒愈演愈烈,金宝凛与其教练20日召开了新闻发布会,她眼泪汪汪的表示“真诚的道歉”,并称当自己意识到卢善英落后那么远时已经太晚了。It’s clearly a disgrace to our national image that these individuals of bad character are representing this country at the Olympics, the petition says.请愿书上写道:“让这些品行不端的个人在奥运会上代表韩国,这么做显然是在贬低韩国的国家形象。”The petition also calls for an investigation into what it describes as "various corruption and irregularities" at the Korea Skating Union, the national skating body. The union has come under criticism for many years for alleged factionalism and nepotism in selecting athletes to compete for the Olympics.该请愿书还要求对其所谓的韩国冰上联盟的“各种腐败和违规行为”进行调查。近年来,韩国冰联被指在奥运选手的选拔上存在派系主义和裙带关系,因而一直饱受批评。There was no immediate comment by the union.韩国冰联没有立即发表评论。Both Kim and Park are from the Korea National Sports University, whose athletes and alumni have been at the center of factional disputes in the country’s super-competitive speedskating scene.金宝凛和朴志友均来自国立韩国体育大学,该校学生和校友已经成为竞争极其激烈的韩国速滑界的派系斗争中心。Skaters from other schools have previously complained that athletes with ties to the university are favored in domestic competitions to pick athletes for the Olympics and other international events. That’s believed to be particularly true in short-track speedskating where multiple athletes can work together - jostling for position, blocking and ceding - to improve the chance that a certain athlete wins.其他学校的滑冰选手曾不满地指出,在选拔奥运会及其他国际赛事运动员的国内赛事上,与国立韩国体育大学有关系的运动员更有优势。这一点在短道速滑项目上被认为更加明显,在这项赛事中,多名运动员可以通过抢位、阻挡、让位等合作帮助某一位运动员提高获胜几率。Ahead of the Olympics, Noh reportedly complained that she wasn’t getting much time to train with Kim and Park, who were practicing separately at the university.据称,平昌奥运会之前卢善英曾抱怨,金、朴二人在国立韩国体育大学单独练习,她没有太多机会和她们一起训练。On Wednesday night, Noh skated with Kim and Park again in a two-team race to determine seventh place. As the stadium’s announcer called out their names, the crowd quietly acknowledged Kim and Park, but saved a thunderous cheer for Noh.21日晚,卢善英与金宝凛、朴志友为决定第七名归属而再次一起与另一支队伍较量。当体育馆内的播音员念出她们的名字时,观众对金宝凛、朴志友无动于衷,但给予了卢善英雷鸣般的欢呼声。The Koreans lost to Poland and finished eighth.韩国队最终输给波兰队,获得第八名。